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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Indianapolis Monthly Interview - Uncut

The July 2010 issue of Indianapolis Monthly will forever be special to me as it was their annual pet guide edition and yours truly graced the cover.

Included in the magazine was Q&A that I did with Indianapolis Monthly and while I received a lot of compliments regarding my answers, what was printed was just a snipet of the actual interview. So, for your reading pleasure, here is the Q&A in its entirety...

IM: As the Butler mascot, what are your "job responsibilities"? And, are you compensated?

BB2: At the core of my “job responsibilities” is to truly be an ambassador for Butler University. I’ve found that if I stick to that, then the rest seems to take care of itself. Of course, you can find me at university sporting events, performances, dinners, receptions, admissions events, etc. You name it, I’ve probably done it. I’m also a bit of a spokesdoggy too, having done numerous media appearances and a great deal of community relations work.

As for compensation, well, I guess I’m well cared for and I have some great sponsors that fulfill almost my every need. So I’m compensated well from that standpoint. I haven’t, however, ever seen any actual dollars. I’m considering a change in personal agents and a revised contract.

IM: What training is required for you to do your job?

BB2: I took six, count them, six total “puppy obedience classes.” That’s it. I had a good teacher and learned a lot, but let’s tell it like it is here…I set foot on Butler’s campus before my parents even took me home. This is all I know. My dad taught me right from wrong, my mom taught me some awesome tricks, and Brad Stevens taught me the Butler Way. I may not be sniffing out bombs in airports or keeping the blind from walking out in traffic, but I like to think I do pretty well for myself.

IM: In addition to being present at basketball games, what other sporting events do you attend?

BB2: I tend to work all of the home men’s basketball games and football games. After that I get to the majority of home volleyball and women’s basketball contests as well. From there I try to get to at least one of each of the other team’s events during the year. That’s easier said than done, however and doesn’t always happen. My goal for 2010-11 is to make it to every sports’ senior day contests and to appear in all of the Butler team photos.

IM: Do you make appearances, such as giving autographs (paw-tographs?), photo with fans, on TV commercials, etc.?

BB2: I make countless appearances these days. I’ve always done appearances, especially as it relates to the university, but I’ve done my share of community appearances in my six years as well. However, since the NCAA Final Four, I probably get an appearance request on a daily basis. Everything from being a part of a student presentation, to serving as the grand marshal of parades, to book fairs, to private parties; you name it and chances are I’m being requested for it.
I get autographs on a daily basis too. The whole paw in ink thing doesn’t really work and is incredibly messy, so don’t ask for a “paw-tograph.” Not happening unless you’re really, really important. I’m happy to sign headshots and pictures, however, and I’m getting regular request for that as well.

Posing for photos with fans is probably my most requested activity. Anytime I’m out in public, it’s inevitable. I’m usually happy to do it, but sometimes I’m on the move and I don’t have time. I think it’s pretty cool that people would want to kneel down and get their picture with me. At the Final Four it wasn’t just fans making the requests either, I had everyone from CBS executives, members of the media and security folks asking as well! And when I got back on campus after those big games, it was funny how the student interest in photos picked up too!

I think the only TV commercials I’ve been on are Butler basketball promos for season tickets and for our games on MyNDY. But, I will say that I am available and affordable, so for those companies that want to align themselves with the Butler brand and have a really handsome spokesdoggy, then now is the time to get in on the ground floor while I'm still cheap!

IM: Any funny stories from your experiences as a mascot? Have you ever failed to give a high-five or run to the end of the court and get the bone? Any accidents on the court?

BB2: I’ve had my share of funny moments during my career. Like the time that I chewed up a Michigan State Spartan hat almost on cue on live national television while shooting for the CBS Early Morning Show. But, the funniest moment probably had to be when I accidentally (on purpose) tripped my two-legged mascot counterpart, Hink, as we ran the football team out onto the field. It’s tradition that Hink and I run the guys out onto the pitch before each home game. Normally the cheerleaders go first with their flags, then me, then Hink, followed by the team. Well, Hink took off at virtually the same time I did and well, I thought I’d have a little fun with that. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run right under Hink’s feet and watch him tumble. You see, Hink’s line of sight is all of a matter of inches so he never saw it coming. Down Hink went and sometimes I was able to scramble loose and keep going. Don’t worry, Hink didn’t get trampled by the football team or anything. His pride may have been hurt, but there were no hard feelings; just a collective gasp from the crowd followed by lots of laughs. Thankfully my mom caught it all on her iPhone. Priceless.

IM: What are your favorite activities outside of your life at Butler?

BB2: I suppose I’m just a normal pet or dog outside of Butler. I love the outdoors and tend to think that I’m an farm dog. I love helping around the yard. I also enjoy going to visit both sets of my grandparents where I get to ride the four-wheeler and tractor, go boating, go to the hardware store, and of course, sleep.

IM: Favorite treat?

BB2: Ice cream. No question. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of the favorites such as peanut butter, cheese, filet mignon, etc., but ice cream is all the rage. Always has been, always will be.

IM: Favorite toy?

BB2: That depends on how you define “toy.” I have this thing called a Tail Wagon which is made by Burley. It looks like one of those nylon chariots you see kids being hauled around in, behind bikes on the Monon Trail. Anyway, I have one of those and it might be my most favorite toy/contraption that I’ve ever had. Ever. Outside of my tail wagon, I’m a huge fan of small latex chew toys, teddy bears and basketballs.

IM: And finally, please describe your experience at the NCAA Final Four. Were you at all nervous about being surrounded by 70,000 screaming fans?

BB2: My experience at the NCAA Final Four was incredible. That’s the best way that I can explain. There really are not words that exist that allow me to really describe the magnitude of that experience. It made me the most popular dog in America and it made Butler a household name. While Coach Stevens and the men’s basketball team were the focus of the Final Four, I like to think I played the role of best supporting actor. It was the best experience of my life so far and I certainly hope to do it again someday.

I wasn’t nervous to be in front of 70,000 fans. I think that was evident to anyone that was there or whom was watching at home. I live for this sort of thing after all. However, I will say that I did feed of the energy that was in Lucas Oil Stadium during those two games. There was so much positive directed toward Butler…the kind that makes your hair (or fur) stand up on end. I felt it as soon as we would enter the stadium each day…it swelled my broad chest with pride, perched my ears forward, heightened my tail-end, and gave me a strut that would make George Jefferson blush.

I will say that tend to carry and internalize the collective hopes and energy of the Butler nation. That may sound weird, but I’m a perceptive dog and I know what’s up. I knew what was at stake in Lucas Oil Stadium and I also knew what it meant when my pal Gordon Hayward’s shot didn’t go in at the buzzer. I, like the Butler faithful, was crushed. My dad tried to get a rise out of me moments after the championship game. Usually I’m the one doing the consoling, but this time I could sense the pain, anguish, sorrow and disappointment that saturated the heart. I was stone cold. I wanted that championship. I wanted to be top dawg. After sleeping that night I awoke that Tuesday morning still wishing that the outcome would have been different. I continued to contemplate on it. I even went to the pep rally at Hinkle Fieldhouse later that day. By the time I went to sleep that evening, I realized that I was top dawg after all. The score didn’t matter, Butler has already proved its worth. I’d still like to have that trophy, don’t get me wrong, but I think we may have taken home so much more. There’s never been a better time to be a Butler Bulldog, let alone THE Butler Bulldog.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When a Moral Victory Becomes the Greatest Victory

I don’t know about you, but I’m still hung-over from the week that I just had and that NCAA National Championship game. It was the best week I’ve ever had and the worst week that I ever had.

You can’t have joy without sorrow/pain (a wise soul told me that). So be it, but it’s how you handle it that determines your character, your legacy. Butler University head coach Brad Stevens and our magnificent men’s basketball team taught us that, if nothing else, over the past few days.

But before I get ahead of myself with all of that deep reflection let me just speak briefly about the week itself and the schedule I kept. I cannot even begin to exhaustively list all of my experiences and media appearances. Just know that they were extensive and plentiful, highlighted by…

-Sitting on the court following the Butler/MSU semi-final, just owning it, while CBS concluded its coverage of that game. (see:

-Sitting on the lap of CBS Sports analyst, Seth Davis, during their semi-final pre-game coverage alongside Greg Gumbel and Greg Anthony. (see:

-Appearing on the Bob & Tom Show and licking the Miller High Life guy’s face.

-Meeting Peyton Manning at the National Championship game. (see:

-Having my mug in The Indianapolis Star, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal, among countless other newspapers, all in one day.

-Tearing up a Michigan State Spartans hat on the CBS Early Show.

-Appearing in CBS’ “One Shining Moment” following the National Championship game.

-Being on the court during player introductions for both the semi-final and championship games; just like back at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

-My spa treatment at Good Dog Hotel & Spa in Broad Ripple.

-Staying at a hotel.

-A police escort.

-Watching members of the media act like normal fans while waiting in line to get their picture taken with me. (see:

-Representing Butler on the biggest stage ever in the school’s 155-year history. I will always be THE Bulldog to have represented Butler in its first-ever Final Four and National Championship game.

There was just so much more than the baker’s dozen listed above which reminds me, if you aren’t following me on Twitter or at least checking in on my Twitter feed on a daily basis, you’re missing out! You can find that here:

What is amazing is that before the NCAA Tournament started I probably had a little over 1,000 Twitter followers. Today I have north of 1,700!

You might also want to check out my Flickr photostream at which chronicles my adventures from the week or so. The interesting fact there is that my Flickr photostream has garnered more than 9,000 views on each of the last two days. Staggering.

But it’s not all about me, no, credit goes to the men’s basketball team and their coaching staff for making it all possible. Without them, I’m just another English Bulldog who happens to be a mascot. Today, I’m Butler Blue II, the cute bulldog mascot of Butler University.

My face and my name aren’t just recognized these days, but they are now synonymous with “Butler University.” That was always the goal, but America finally got the message loud and clear over the last few days. Coach Stevens, his staff, and his team delivered that message. Thank you, gentlemen!

You know, I’m just a dog, but again, I was heart-broken over that loss. With around 13 seconds to go, I thought victory was ours. My Bulldogs had found a way to win all season. I had no reason to believe that they wouldn’t this time either.

When Gordon Hayward’s last shot didn’t go in, I was whisked off of the court and taken behind the scenes and out of harms way. My dad tried to get a rise out of me. I wasn’t talking. I was tired, I was hurt, and I was mad. As a dog, I felt the collective hopes, dreams, and positive energy being sucked out of Lucas Oil Stadium faster than a Shelvin Mack scoring run.

As my dad described it to Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated, I was “stone cold.”

I’m a dog and most things just roll right off my back. There’s not much a treat and a new toy won’t fix, but this one stung.

My biggest question at that moment, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” I mean, I already knew that life wasn’t fair, but this just seemed offensive.

So in the last 24-48 hours I’ve been looking for answers. I realize they all won’t come immediately, but there is something that is becoming very clear as I remove the layers of Butler insulation and begin seeing the world through fresh canine eyes.

In my doggy wisdom, it's becoming evident to me that in the championship game, Duke won the contest to score as many points as possible in 40 minutes. They got a nice trophy for that. But it was Butler that actually won the overall affair.

I mean, the President of the United States of America never calls the losing team and nor does the losing coach get interviews on the Late Show with David Letterman. Those things just don’t happen.

Outside of a small pocket of folks in North Carolina and the Duke alumni across the world, I don’t think anyone else even cares that Duke won that game. The media coverage since the final buzzer sounded confirms that notion.

I almost feel kind of bad for Duke, but not really. Congrats to those guys. That’s a great program, with great talent and they certainly earned the title, but I guess I’m not sorry that they never got the spotlight that is typically reserved for champions. No, that light is shining bright on Butler’s campus these days.

Watch out, I’m going to get real metaphoric on you now, but, I think that beam shining on campus is merely a reflection of the light our team used to illuminate the sort of ideals and actions we’ve come to know as “The Butler Way.”

Gordon Hayward’s last-second half-court shot didn’t need to go in for our team and our university to be considered champions. By that point, that goal had already been accomplished and it almost had nothing to do with basketball at that time.

When there were just about 13 seconds to go in the game, I really did think victory was ours. Little did I know, it already was.

Go Dawgs!

Blue II

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One More Lesson for the Final Four

So since my last post, I turned six years old, had the best birthday ever, earned a berth to the Final Four, made some television appearances, got my mug featured in The Indianapolis Star, etc., etc., etc.

It's all been overwhelming, surreal, hectic and most of all, FUN!

As you know by now the Butler University Bulldogs men's basketball team has won the West Regional Bracket of the NCAA Tournament and has boldly gone where no Butler Bulldogs have every gone before...The Final Four!

And if that wasn't enough, this year's Final Four is being held in our back yard; Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium!

Look, it's almost a fairy tale story...the only thing left is two more victories for it to include a fairy tale ending. And while I stated in The Indianapolis Star that my only birthday wish was to earn a berth to the Final Four, what I failed to mention that for each of my years on this earth, I wanted an NCAA tournament victory. Four down; two to go.

You don't need me to recite the story lines. Just a basic Google news search will yield a plethora of articles on journey back home to Indianapolis and what may lie ahead.

But when it comes to all of this stuff and me, well, I'm probably in a similar place as you...I'm looking for my way into Lucas Oil Stadium for Butler's matchup between the Michigan State Spartans at 6 p.m. (ET) on Saturday, April 3, 2010.

You see, it's been my understanding that the NCAA does not allow live mascots in tournament sites. Thus the reason I did not make the trek to San Jose, Calif, or Salt Lake City, Utah the past two weeks.

However, now that the Bulldogs have made it to the Final Four and it's in our own backyard, we've got a whole new ballgame! I'm looking for access!

The irony here is, when the NCAA announced that Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium would be the 2010 host of the men's basketball Final Four, they asked host school, Butler University, to attend the press conference inside Lucas Oil Stadium and bring the cheerleaders and yours truly along for photo-opportunities.

So as far as being allowed inside Lucas Oil Stadium is concerned; been there done that. So in my opinion, it's now up to the NCAA to find it in their hearts to literally open doors for me.

Moreover, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing Georgetown's bulldog, Jack, at the Final Four a few years ago.

Thankfully, I've got the Butler Nation on my side so I think the message will be delivered loud and clear. I've got university staff working on my behalf, but without solicitation, my good friend and Butler beat writer for The Indianapolis Star, David Woods, included it in his blog submission on Sunday.

You can read David's thoughts on the matter here:

I think David sums up well when he wrote, "What would it hurt if players pet Blue during introductions, and then Blue went charging across the floor to get his giant bone? That's good TV, folks." Thanks David!

So here's to hoping I find my way into the stadium for the game on Saturday.

As for ticket info, events, merchandise, make sure you follow me, my pal Hink, and Butler University on Twitter this week at the following locations:

It would also be in your best interest to checkout and

I've got tons of birthday stuff to share, but I'll save that for later...forgive me if I don't even get to it until next week, although I'll try put up a birthday re-cap this week.

What is more important right now is living in the moment. I hope all of our Bulldog alumni, students, faculty, staff, fans and even our newest members to the "Bulldog Nation" will show their patience, passion, and presence this week.

After reading back through my recent post which shared "What I've Learned" over the past six year's, I realized that left out an important lesson I learned recently from the likes of The Avett Brothers; a folk-rock type band that my pops listens to all the time.

The Avett Brother's song, "Murder in the City" ends with the lyric, "Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name."

In this case, that shared name is "Butler" and that love is "Butler love." It's running rampant these days and it's something that all of us Bulldogs should revel in.

A Final Four berth is precious, even for the most dominant of basketball programs, so enjoy every bit of the experience.

There truly has never been a better time to be a Butler Bulldog and fortunately for me, there's never been a better time to be THE Butler Bulldog. And as we get into the thick of the hoopla that comes along with appearing in the Final Four in your own hometown, just "remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name;" the Butler name.

Go Dawgs!

Blue II

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'My Perfect 10' Special NCAA Edition Playlist for MY107.9FM

So I was contacted by Scott Roddy and the fine folks at Indianapolis' 107.9 FM (my "one 'O' seven nine") to create a special edition "My Perfect 10, " which is a little something they do for their listners.

You see, they have their listeners create their perfect top-10 playlist, then invite them to the studio to record it and tell the other listners just why it's perfect for them.

Given my role with Butler, the NCAA men's basketball tournament, and the fact that Butler is in said tournament, the station thought it would be a good idea for me to create a special NCAA Tournament edition of "My Perfect 10."

So my dad and I made our way to Indy's Entercom offices and recorded the intros for "My Perfect 10."

You can hear this live, on the air, on Wednesday, March 17th at 7 p.m. and again on Sunday, March 21st at 7 p.m.

But, in case you miss it, I've included "My Perfect 10" and the reasoning behind selecting each song, below...

Blue II’s Special NCAA Tournament Edition “My Perfect 10” Playlist – March 2010

10. “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2

The Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball team has achieved a lot in my tenure and even before my time, including a couple of Sweet 16 appearances, several NCAA tournament bids, some conference championships, and most recently, an undefeated run through the entire conference season! And after all of that, we’re still not satisfied. No, until we take six consecutive wins in the NCAA tournament and bring home a national championship, well, we “still haven’t found what we’re looking for!”

9. “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges

It’s time to select the teams for your NCAA Tournament bracket, and well, “I Wanna Be Your Dog!” Plus, we’ll need all of the positive energy I can get when the Butler Bulldogs are on the court. So whether you’re a Butler grad or not, we’ll gladly adopt you to the litter, and we hope you’ll have us as well.

UPDATE: No. 9 has since changed to "Hound Dog" by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller and most likely performed by Elvis Pressley. The song may revert back to "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by The Stooges if the station can track down a better quality recording by that time. If not, "Hound Dog" will have to do. And, I suppose it's appropriate given that I am quite the "media hound" this time of year!

8. “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton

“Why must I feel like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothin’ but the dog in me!” No truer words have ever been spoken, at least in my world. George Clinton knew what he was doing when he wrote this diddy. Heck, Snoop Dogg made a whole career by sampling beats and lyrics from this track. After all these years, it’s still funky and it’s still fresh. So anyway, when someone questions why you picked the Butler Bulldogs to go all the way to the Final Four this year, just tell them, “hey, it’s nothin’ but the dog in me!”

7. “Takin’ Care of Business” by Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Takin Care of Business,” that’s what us Butler Bulldogs do and have been doing for some time now. In the last 14 years alone in men’s basketball we’ve had twelve 20 win seasons (five consecutive), eight NCAA Tournament appearances, two Sweet 16 appearances, three NIT appearances, nine regular season Horizon League championships, six conference tournament championships and now, a 20-0 undefeated record in Horizon League play. We start our practices before the sun comes up and win games by night...”we be takin’ care of business every day!”

6. “Hey Bulldog” by The Beatles

Look no further than the title of this song to understand why it made the list. But, I must say, John Lennon’s barking at the end of the song gets a head tilt and hair raise out of me every time.

5. “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men

This is definitely the sorriest excuse for a song on this entire list, but I have to include this song in order to appease those cliché types who come to expect such things. If nothing else, it adds some comedic value to the list. I know I can’t listen to it without laughing…no Baha Men, I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing AT YOU. Did they ever figure out who let the dogs out, anyway? Maybe they let themselves out, ever think of that?

4. “NCAA Basketball Theme” by CBS

Hear this track and you automatically think of March Madness. If this doesn’t get you in the mood to fill out some brackets, skip work to watch some hoops, and root for the underdog (and/or Bulldogs), then nothing will.

3a. “I Gotta Feelin’” by The Black Eyed Peas

We opened the 2009-10 season with the song and we’re going to bring it to a close with this song as well. We had a lot of “good nights” so far this season and we hope that there are just about six more left in us come NCAA tournament time. If you’re a Bulldog, then you’ve just gotta believe that any night we’re on the court, well, then “tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

*3b. “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy*

The old man and I like to cruise around town together with this song blaring... windows down, sunroof open, seats tilted back, his Ray Bans on, my tongue hanging out...acting like we’ve got all the answers. But come March, when I hear this song I envision winning a National Title and then looking at all the big schools, the so-called analysts, the know-it-all critics and just saying, “how you like me now?”

2. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses

Lots of reasons to add this to this, perhaps the biggest reason being you can’t listen to it without getting pumped up. Take the reasoning a little deeper and you’ll find that the Butler Bulldogs aren’t unlike the jungle Axel Rose describes. We may look like cute cuddly Bulldogs, a la a pretty serene jungle, but cage us in the confines of a basketball court (especially Hinkle Fieldhouse) and you’ve got another thing coming. “We’re gonna bring ya to your na-na na-na na-na knees!”

1. “The Butler War Song” performed by The Butler University Marching Band

If you’re a Butler grad, student or fan and you know this one, then start clapping and singing along. Remember, “Bulldogs ever do or die!” So be loud, be proud, and GO DAWGS!

*We changed up No. 3 from “How You Like Me Now” to “I Gotta Feelin;” so that we could go with something a little more mainstream. However, you may recognize “How You Like Me Now” from those clever KIA commercials with the sock monkey, robot, etc. Look it up on YouTube.

Again, “My Perfect 10” will air on Indianapolis’ 107.9 FM at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 and again at 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

Also, for more pics and info from my studio visit and click the "GAB" link.

Of course, I had a lot of help with this list which means that a lot of great songs were left off. So, it is my pleasure list all of the other song suggestions that I did not use.

There were some great tracks here, but not ones I decided to select. (In no particular order.)

"True Blue" by Madonna

"Bulldog Skin" by Guided by Voices

“The Best” by Tina Turner

“We are the Champions” by Queen

"Roundball Rock” by John Tesh

"Kick” by INXS

“Me and You and A Dog Named Boo”by Lobo

“Basketball Jones” by Cheech and Chong

“Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog” by Elvis

"One Moment In Time” by Whitney Houston

“Old Blue”by The Byrds

"Let's Dance"by David Bowie

"Lean On Me" by The Club Nouveau Version

"We're Not Gonna take it" by Twisted Sister

"Gonna Have a Party" by Alabama

"Don’t Stop Believin’" by Journey

Lose Yourself" by Eminem

"Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba

“Winning” by Santana

“One of the Survivors” by The Kooks

"Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne" by Jim Stafford

"Let’s Get It Started" by The Black Eyed Peas

"Jump Around" by House of Pain

"We Will Rock You" by Queen

"Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor

"One Shining Moment" by Luther Vandross

"Take It To The House" by Trick Daddy

"Lose Yourself" by Eminem

"Till I Collapse" by Eminem

"Run This Town" by Jay-Z

"Stronger" by Kanye West

"Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes

"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley

"Big Poppa" by Notorious B.I.G.

"Get Low" by Lil Jon

"Whipping" by Pearl Jam

"1901" by Phoenix

"American Girl" by Tom Petty

"In the Meantime" by Spacehog

"Can't Always Get What You Want" by Rolling Stones

"Can You Hear Me Knocking" by Rolling Stones

"This Time of Year" by Better Than Ezra

"Today" by Smashing Pumpkins

"Remedy" by Black Crowes

"Ants Marching" by Dave Matthews Band

"Big Pippin'" by Jay Z

“All Night Long”by Lionel Richie

"Theme from Hoosiers" - Artist Unknown

"We Will Rock You" by Queen

"You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

"R.E.S.P.E.C.T." by Aretha Franklin

"Get Ready for This" by 2 Unlimited

"The Final Countdown" by Europe

"My Hero" by Foo Fighters

"Learning To Fly" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

"Reach For The Sky" by Social Distortion

"No Excuses" by Alice in Chains

"Like a Stone" by Audioslave

"Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check" by Busta Rhymes

"Sure Shot" by Beastie Boys

"The Distance" by Cake

"Song 2" by Blur

"Go With the Flow" by Queens of the Stone Age

"Amber" by 311

"Oceans" by Pearl Jam

"Angels Of The Silences" by Counting Crows

"So What’cha Want" by Beastie Boys

"Pay For What You Get" by Dave Matthews Band

"What’s Left Of The Flag" by Flogging Molly

"It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube

"Some Might Say" by Oasis

"Everybody Hurts" by REM

"Road Trippin’" by Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Don’t Take Me For Granted" by Social Distortion

"Misery" by Soul Asylum

"Somewhere" by Soundgarden

"Big Empty" by Stone Temple Pilots

"6th Avenue Heartache" by The Wallflowers

"Say It Ain’t So" by Weezer

"Pay for What You Get" by Dave Matthews Band

"The Best of What’s Around" by Dave Matthews Band

"Breakout" by Foo Fighters

"The Distance" by CAKE

"Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Daft Punk

"Heroes" David Bowie

"I Won’t Back Down" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

"Jump Around" by House of Pain

"Miracle" by Foo Fighters

"Times Like These" by Foo Fighters

"You’re the Best" – Joe “Bean” Esposito (Karate Kid theme song)


“Young Forever” by Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson

“Human” by The Killers

"Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol

"Had a Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

"Sweet Smell Of Success" by Stranglers

"Never Say Yes" by Elvis Pressley

"Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis

"Winning it All" by The Outfield

"Win in the End" by Mark Safan (Teen Wolf theme song)

"Doggy Dogg World" by Snoop Dogg

"Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen

"Blue" by Eiffel 65

“Diggin’ Up Bones” by Randy Travis

“The Winner Takes All” by Abba

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered”by Stevie Wonder

“Everyone’s a Winner” by Hot Chocolate

“Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen

“Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees

“Dream On” by Aerosmith

"Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf

"Lose Yourself" by Eminem

"We Don’t Run" by Willie Nelson

"Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

"Hey Tonight" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

“Good Vibrations” by Beach Boys

Well, I think that's just about all of's enough anyway. I'm not sure where some people's heads were at on some of those suggestions, but to each their own, I guesss.

I hope you liked "My Perfect 10" and enjoyed the intros for the songs as well. Don't forget, our Butler Bulldogs men's basketball team will be in action on Thursday, March 18th around 5 p.m. (ET) in San Jose as a five-seed playing the 12th seeded UTEP Miners.

Our women's basketball team will be playing in the NIT at Illinois State at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17th.

For more information on the games, viewing parties, etc., visit

Happy St. Patrick's Day & Go Dawgs!

Blue II

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Honors, More Appearances...It’s what I do!

So last week you read about me capturing a gold medal in’s “Web 2.0 College Olympics” thanks to my pretty fantastic Twitter skills. Well, the hits just keep on coming because I’ve got more accolades to tell you about this week as well.

Only this time, it’s the students of the Butler University Student Foundation (BUSF) that really deserve the credit (I only had a small paw in the matter) as they were recently awarded the Outstanding External Program Award at the CASE ASAP District V Conference for their efforts to include the campus and community in throwing a birthday party for me every year...also known as “Blue II’s Birthday Bash.”

They received the award on Feb. 27, 2010 in Bloomington, Ind. and were deservedly recognized in front of their peers.

Background info…CASE ASAP is comprised of student alumni associations, student foundations and similar organizations at more than 300 CASE member institutions. Its goal is to foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement—from alumni relations and communications to fundraising, marketing and related areas.

The Outstanding External Program Award is given in recognition of “a program that is designed to involve more than just your organization such as your campus, alumni, and prospective students.”

District 5 includes schools from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. By winning at the district level, “Blue II’s Birthday Bash” will be considered for the national award for Outstanding External Program, which will be presented at the CASE ASAP Network Convention in Kansas City this August!

Congrats to our BUSFers and Go Dawgs!

If I do say so myself, the “Blue II Birthday Bash” (Fri., March 26, 2010; 11:30 a.m.) is a wonderful campus event and certainly one that I’m quite fond of given that I’m the center of attention! There’s usually a large card that students sign for me, tons of cupcakes and cookies and of course photo opportunities with yours truly! Besides the part where they make me wear the birthday hat, it’s great time!

And again this year, we are letting the kiddos (big and small) join in on the celebration thanks to a special coloring page. Feel free to download the coloring page, print it out, color it in, and send me your best birthday wishes too!

You can access the coloring page here:

So outside of collecting more trophies and planning for parties, I’ve just been busy either making appearances, or making plans to make appearances. My social calendar is filling up so if you want to see me, try and hit up one or all of the following events: (all times ET)

-BU Green Screen Video Shoot- Thursday, March 4th, 3:30 p.m.; Jordan Hall.

-Horizon League Tournament Pep Rally - Friday, March 5th, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.; Circle Centre Mall food court.

-Horizon League Tournament – Saturday, March 6th, 6 p.m.; Hinkle Fieldhouse (ESPNU at 8 p.m.).

-Horizon League Championship – Tuesday, March 9th, 6 p.m.; Hinkle Fieldhouse.

-Bulldog Club of Indiana Show – Saturday, March 13th, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.; Tipton Co. Fairgrounds.

-Eco Dawgs Video Shoot – Tuesday, March 17th, 2 p.m.; TBD.

-BU IM Basketball Championships – Tuesday, March 23rd 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.; Hinkle Fieldhouse.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Friday, March 26th, 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

-Blue II’s Sixth Campus Birthday Party – Friday, March 26th, 11:30 a.m.; Starbuck’s – Atherton Union.

-Butler Blue II’s Sixth Birthday – Saturday, March 27th, all day.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Saturday, March 27th 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Thursday, April 1st 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Friday, April 2nd, 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

-The Price is Right (game show) – Friday, April 2nd, 11 a.m.; CBS-TV.

-BU Biology Club Dog Show – Friday, April 16th, 5:30 p.m.; HRC Lawn.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Friday, April 23rd, 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Friday, June 4th, 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

-BU Admissions/Early Registration – Friday, June 11th, 9:30 a.m.; Reilly Room – Atherton Union.

And those are just the events on the schedule right now! I’m sure there will be more as the spring is always a busy time for me on campus.

Of course, you can typically spy on me any other business day on my live web cam (“Blue2TV”) as I hang out (read: sleep) in my Jordan Hall office. Feel free to tune in between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on most days. Simply click here:

Okay, I think that’s about it. Take aways from this installment include, my birthday, the coloring page, my calendar of appearances and my web cam. As always, my Twitter account will keep you posted on the rest of my escapades until the next blog posting.

May the month of March be exceptionally kind to the Bulldogs!

Go Dawgs!

Blue II

Monday, March 16, 2009

100th Post: The Dawgs are Dancin' and that's a Blue II Fact!

Welcome to my 100th blog post!

Unfortunately, it took me a little over a year to reach 100, but we made it and thanks to everyone for reading all along the way. I am certainly looking forward to the next 100 posts and I hope that you are too!

As I’m sure you’ve heard by this point, the Butler Bulldogs are going “dancing” in the “Big Dance” again this year as the men’s basketball team earned an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament, picking up a No. 9 seed in the South Bracket and a chance to play No. 8 seeded LSU in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Bulldogs and Tigers will go head-to-head on Thursday, March 19 at 12:20 p.m. (EST). For info on tickets, bus trips, viewing parties, etc., please visit:

Also, to learn more about the team and even a little bit about me, check out this new web page on Butler’s site: (

In addition, don’t forget to check out The Indianapolis Star’s coverage of the Bulldogs headed up by staff writer David Woods. There’s always some good info and insight there. Check it out:

Now keep in mind that it isn’t just the men’s team that will be dancing this year as the Butler women have earned a shot to compete in the NCAA women’s NIT tournament this week as well. Their game location, opponent and time are still to be announced, so be on the lookout for that!

Good luck to all my Dawgs in action this week! Let’s show the nation just what ‘The Butler Way’ on the hardwood looks like! Go Dawgs!

In honor of my 100th post, I wanted to do something special, but I wasn’t sure what that might be, especially since I dropped the “25 Random Things About Me” post a couple of weeks ago. Eventually, my inspiration came in the strangest of places as it ultimately was the 69th birthday of Chuck Norris that helped me come up with the subject of my 100th post.

In recent years, the popularity and cult following of Chuck Norris has exploded across America. Why, you ask? Well, material like “Walker, Texas Ranger,” and "The Delta Force" might have helped (not likely), but really, it was the ability of his persona to be played-up in a Paul Bunyan-esque way that shot his stock through the roof. Look no further than and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Read through the first page and if you aren’t laughing, then please consult a physician immediately. That stuff is hilarious and has led to the cultural phenomenon that is, Chuck Norris.

So, the following are some “Blue II Facts” that I thought I would share with you. Now, I can’t take credit for these, as they really come from my dad and his friends. They tend to find themselves more humorous than they really are, but I even had to laugh at a few of these “facts” and I think you might too.

I wanted those guys to think up 100 Blue II Facts in honor of my 100th post. The best they could do is 65, in honor of the NCAA Tournament field of 65 teams. Fair enough. So, I’m challenging you, the reader, can you help me get to 100 Blue II Facts? I need just 35 more. If you think of one, head to the comments section and leave your own “Blue II Fact.” Thanks!

And without further adieu, I give you 65 Blue II Facts:

Blue II doesn’t snore, he growls.

Blue II doesn’t chew rawhides, he chews bones.

Blue II can either squat or lift his leg to pee.

Blue II ate Blue I.

Blue II is smarter than your Honor Roll student.

The Amazon rainforest was created after a Blue II bathroom break.

Blue II gets more stud requests than Seabiscuit.

Blue II sired Seabiscuit.

Blue II's flatulence was the inspiration for the atomic bomb

Blue II doesn’t chew his food, he swallows it whole.

Blue II stuffs his own animals.

Blue II came up with the idea for Butler University, then told Ovid Butler to create it.

Ever seen a metal chain snap in half? Chain up Blue II.

Blue II doesn’t wear a flea collar. Fleas wear Blue II collars. They don’t work.

Blue II doesn’t bark. He speaks.

Blue II once caught a cold. That cold is now dead.

Blue II walks around naked every day...because he can.

Blue II understands and can speak 12 different languages. However, he chooses not to articulate with words as mere humans do not have the brain capacity to comprehend his diction.

Blue II has the ability to type his blog, but doesn’t have to since a simple stare-down with his PC will type it for him.

Blue II knows who let the dogs out.

Blue II doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage.

When Blue crosses the street, the cars have to look both ways.

Blue II doesn’t play “fetch.” He plays “seek and destroy.”

Blue II purposely walks slowly so as to not speed up the rotation of the Earth.

Hinkle Fieldhouse was originally designed and built as a “dog house” for Blue II.

Blue II doesn’t have a yard; he has a 180 acre campus.

The electric fence was invented for Blue II. Invention fail.

Blue II runs through electric fences when he has an itch to scratch.

Every door Blue II walks through is a doggy door.

If your dog has five Milk Bones and Blue II has five Milk Bones. Blue II has more Milk Bones than your dog.

If your dog has five Milk Bones and Blue II has five Milk Bones. Blue II now has ten Milk Bones.

Blue II can sneeze with his eyes open.

When Butler University does not win the Horizon League McAfferty All-Sports Trophy, it is only because Blue II allows it.

Laika, the Soviet space dog was the first canine and mammal in space orbit, or so she thought when she saw Blue II floating by her capsule window.

To the naked eye, Blue II’s teeth appear crooked, that’s only because he has the ability to cross the eyes of humans that look at him.

The Grand Canyon was formed when Blue II was once looking for a place to bury a bone.

It's not a dog eat dog world. It's a Blue II eat dog world.

Blue II caught the Chuck Wagon covered wagon.

Blue II’s puppy teeth can cut diamonds.

The first Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain was actually the Running of the Bulldogs. The animals were the ancestors of Blue II. There were no survivors.

After Blue II was born, all cats immediately lost three lives.

Noah was the only man notified before Blue II relieved himself in the Atlantic Ocean.

The phrase "raining cats and dogs" came from the time Blue II was locked in a room with other collegiate mascots.

McGruff takes a bite out of crime. Blue II takes a bite out of McGruff..

Blue II was Paul Bunyan's first choice as a pet.

An early version of Mount Rushmore featured a sleeping Blue II curled up at the feet of George Washington.

Petting Blue II gives Matt Howard the ability to dunk on a 45-foot high basketball goal.

Blue II has never died on The Oregon Trail.

It is said that the vision of dogs is reduced to just black and white. Blue II sees in full-color 1080p HP high-definition.

Blue II has the ability to fly, freeze hell over, and make today the day that you die. Do not continue procrastinate life choices or chalk up detriments to these facts or he’ll call you on them.

Claims of nations and terrorist groups around the world having weapons of mass destruction are simply false. Blue II resides in Indiana.

Blue II will never chase his tail. If he did, he’d have no tail.

Blue II was actually Butler University’s 20th president and every president prior, but he lets Dr. Bobby Fong do the job in his stead.

Blue II dunked on Air Bud.

Blue II taught Astro Jetson how to fly and operate the iPhone.

Benji was actually “hunted” by Blue II. The deleted scenes reveal this. Blue II was eventually replaced in the movie by bears, wolves and cougars to make it more “believable.” Blue II killed said bears, wolves and cougars and he and Benji remain card-playing buddies to this day.

Blue II actually took the bullet for Old Yeller.

Blue II told Scooby Doo the riddle to every mystery he ever solved. EVER.

“Scooby Snacks” are actually “Blue II Snacks,” Blue II just sold Scooby Doo the rights to the name, in blood.

Scientists believe that one year of human’s life equals seven years for a dog. Blue II believes that scientists have a short life expectancy with talk like that.

The movie “Turner & Hooch” was originally titled “Turner & Blue II,” but Blue II turned down the role because he didn’t want to be portrayed as a slobbery mutt that gets yelled at by Tom Hanks.

Blue II “bites the hand that feeds” for sport.

Take Blue II to a cow pasture and what’s left is a pasture of rawhide bones.

Blue II doesn’t have toys, just other live animals he catches and then chews on.

In 2009, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Selection Committee gave Butler a No. 9 seed. As a result, Blue II has decided that the 2010 committee will be a committee of one: Blue II.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed those “Blue II Facts.” If you can think of more, then simply add them via the comment section.

Remember to check the sites I referenced above for the most up-to-date information on our Bulldogs and their respective post-season tournaments. In addition, I hope to have another post up by our game on Thursday with a little something involving me and an LSU Tiger, so be on the lookout for that.

Go Dawgs!

Blue II

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Top 10 in Response to a Random 25

So I got a special package in the mail on Wednesday morning from a group of 20 (or so) elementary school students. I must say, this package couldn't have come at a better time as I was feeling quite tired and irritable after the Butler Bulldogs men's basketball team took one on the chin late the night before in the Horizon League Tournament Championship game. (The Bulldogs lost by three points to Cleveland State, but in all likelihood will return to the NCAA Tournament for the eighth time in 13 seasons and third time in a row. As the Indianapolis Star's David Woods put it, "Butler IS going to the NCAA Tournament. Twelve months ago, that was nearly unthinkable." Well put, Mr. Woods!)

Specifically, this package came from Miss Butler's multi-age kindergarten and first grade class at White Lick Elementary School in Brownsburg, Indiana (also home of Butler freshman Gordon Hayward) and contained a top-10 list citing reason why my dad and I should come and visit Miss Butler's class this spring. Here's a shot of me reading the list...

I must say, it's the most clever, witty and fun class visit request that I've ever received and I commend Miss Butler's students on their creativity, ingenuity and charm. According to Miss Butler, who graduated from Butler University in 2002 with my dad, this list came about as an original idea from the students. She only helped to scribe the list for them.

Evidently the list came about in their "writer's workshop" where Miss Butler was teaching them "organization in writing" and "lists" were brought up as an illustration of that. As avid readers of my blog, Miss Butler's students quickly recalled my recent blog post where I chronicled "25 Random Things" about myself. Their response, without further adieu, is a list of the "Top 10 reasons why Blue and Mr. K. (that's my dad) should come visit us..."

10. We are probably the only five, six and seven year olds that read your blog.

9. Some of us weigh sixty-two pounds, just like you!

8. We've bot some Star Wards fanatics in the room and we want to hear Blue's "whine." [In reference to my Chewey Chewbacca reference.]

7. We're dying to see Blue's infamous tricks!

6. We try to do things at school "The Butler Way." [Keep up the good work!]

5. We'll even make sure our room is really clean.

4. We're Bulldogs just like you (except we're not real dogs...we usually don't bark) [That's okay, I meet a lot of humans around Butler that claim to be Bulldogs, but don't appear to be anything like me. I get it.]

3. We're lots of fun (at least we think so)! [I can see that!]

2. For some reason we think body functions are hilarious. [In response to my random report on my bodily waste routines. Glad you enjoyed that one. Respect the relief of bodily waste being jettisoned from the body, but never lose the humor in it either. It is what it is.]

1. We're Butler University's #1 fans! [Thanks, we'll take all the support that we can get...especially come NCAA basketball tournament season!]

Signing off with a "Come visit soon" are Jakob, Brayden, August, Leister, Ellie, Andrew, Ryan, Ashley, Jacob, Dietrich, Leah, Gavin, Jonathan, Reagan, Martin, Evann, Lydia, Bo, Belle, Jackson and Miss B.

Thanks friends! You guys are the best! I lick my nose in approval...

A special thanks goes to Miss Butler who, by helping her students create and send this to me, is illustrating just what a great educator she is...bravo Miss Butler!

But how about those students?! Wow! According to Miss Butler, these youngsters love reading my blog and particularly enjoy the pictures of me, and they've become huge basketball fans this season. Miss Butler reports that her students now know more about the Butler men's basketball team and Horizon League than she does and they love

Right on, Miss Butler's class! Keep up the great work and you can sure bet that I'll be making a visit to your class very soon!

Stay in school,

Blue II

P.S. Don't forget to vote for me in Bissell's MVP Contest so that I can help them sell vacuums! Click here to vote for me:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Memory of a True Bulldog

This past Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008 saw the unfortunate and sudden passing of a true friend and Butler Bulldog, Bob Dearing. A Butler graduate of the class of 1957, Bulldog Bob was as fine of a guy as they come.

He was one of my biggest fans and always made a point to read each one of my blog posts…probably read them twice to be honest! Bulldog Bob was always happy to see me and I was always happy to return the favor when I saw him.

Reading Bob’s obituary, it’s easy to see just how involved and successful he was. In addition to all of the things listed in the obituary, Bob also helped me out each year as a judge for the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest…Bob knew bulldogs!

But beyond all of the accolades and accomplishments was one of the most affable and vivacious characters you’ll ever know. Bulldog Bob’s great character will not soon be lost on any of us that knew him. It is a great loss for our beloved university, but Butler is a better institution for having Bulldog Bob in the family.

Being that Bob bled Butler Bulldog blue when it came to Butler Athletics, it wasn’t surprising that the men’s basketball team captured a victory on Saturday at Drake University in their regular season opener and it was announced today that the men’s cross country team earned a bid to the NCAA Division I Men’s Cross Country Championships.

I’m sure Bob had a little hand in those successes and I can just see him now, smiling at more Butler Bulldog triumphs.

I'm sad that you're now gone, but I've taken a bit of solace in knowing that you're now in an even better place, after all it's well known that all bulldogs go to heaven. I’ll miss you, Bulldog Bob, but I’ll never forget you!

Your friend and fellow bulldog,

Blue II

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Hard Days Night, and I've Been Working Like a Dog

While Homecoming was a big weekend for me, that certainly hasn’t been the only thing filling up my work schedule (that’s code for “this is going to be a long post”). In fact, it all started a week before Homecoming when I was invited to pay a visit to Clinton Young Elementary School on the south side of Indianapolis.

You see, Clinton Young Elementary has these little learning communities where classes at various grade levels get together and learn about going to college and all of that good stuff. Well, it just so happened that one of their learning communities picked the bulldog to be their mascot, and it just so happens that I work for a university and I happen to be a bulldog. So, I’m pretty sure that’s why they invited me to be a part of their kickoff convocation.

We all gathered in the gymnasium where the kids got me barking when they sang “Who let the dogs out?” Then I did my routine of tricks, posed for pictures and let my dad do a little talking about me to the students. Good times.

Fast forward past Homecoming and into the week following Homecoming and I got things going right away with an appearance downtown at the Indianapolis Marriott on Monday. The Office of Admission invited me down there to take part in the annual IACAC Conference. The IACAC is basically a nerd-speak way of just referring to the Indiana delegation of admission counselors and professionals. Sweet.

Anyway, they had a little competition with other state institutions to see who displayed the most spirit at their respective admission booths. So it was set up like a giant college fair, only there were no aspiring college students, just a bunch of has-beens with name badges and school gear. I have no idea how Butler faired, but I think we should have won. Sure, other schools had guy-in-suit mascots on hand like the rat, er greyhound from UINDY (sorry Mom) and the grizzly from Franklin, but nobody had the live mascot thing going.

On Tuesday it was a visit to my favorite professor’s class. That’s right, Dr. Vibbert invited me to call on one of his PR classes. He lists me on the class agenda as the “guest speaker.” That just means I get to go run around the classroom for a few minutes, enjoy some loving from the students and of course, perform my tricks.

You may remember that Dr. Vibbert was the one included me in his commencement speech this last May. That alone earns you honors as being one of Blue II’s favorite professors.

Wednesday it was time for the annual men’s and women’s basketball tip-off luncheon in Hinkle Fieldhouse. A capacity lunch time crowd filled the main floor in Hinkle to hear Coach Couture and Coach Stevens speak about their impending seasons. I had the honor of welcoming those folks to the event and then my dad stashed me in one of the admin offices while he enjoyed lunch…hardly fair, but I that whole reasoning and speech thing puts me behind in these arguments all the time, so I just have to deal with the consequences.

Although, he awoke me afterwards to another adventure that involved heading back downtown for an appearance at the new Lucas Oil Stadium, so I forgave him for leaving me out of lunch pretty quickly. Funny, I remember not being allowed in that place for a grand opening ceremony because of some policy about dogs. Just a month or two later and I guess the sheen and prestige has worn off enough for dogs to enter. Whatever, I wasn’t going to complain.

It was the gracious NCAA who happened to make arrangements for me to be there as they were unveiling the new logo for the 2010 men’s basketball final four which will be hosted at Lucas Oil. Butler is the host NCAA institution for that event, thus my/our involvement.

I had a good time greeting guests and media there and posing for pictures with the Butler cheerleaders and dignitaries. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get down on the field to “mark my territory,” but I still had fun.

At this point, we were only half way through the week and I was exhausted. I think my dad could tell as I was asleep in the car before we even left downtown proper. So he drove me straight home where I basically slept, or was in some state of sleepiness from 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday until about 7 p.m. on Thursday. And after some dinner, back yard business and some play time, I was back to sleep for the night on Thursday as well.

And for good reason too as I had a big weekend ahead of me including the made out to be scary, but actually ridiculous holiday known as Halloween. But before my parents subjected me to the costumes, parading and pictures, I had real work to do, and early in the morning too!

After being carried from the bed to the car on Friday morning, I awoke in the parking lot of the Glendale Mall at 6:15 a.m. where the Smiley Morning Show was set up and doing a remote broadcast for their annual pumpkin drop. However, my role there had nothing to do with Halloween, pumpkin destruction, or anything like that. Instead, I was there to promo Smiley’s presence at the Butler Bowl on Saturday as a part of his college tailgate tour.

Again, I let me dad do the talking, but I really enjoyed running around the parking lot, checking out the big crane that was to drop the pumpkins, barking on-air, and stealing the show.

After that I headed to campus where Brad Ward from the Office of Admission picked me up and took me over to Atherton Union to visit with all of the prospective students and families in for the big open-house. Someone told me that there were 900 visitors on campus for the open-house, but I don’t really know for sure.

One thing I do know is, I got my picture taken with a lot of folks and Brad promised all of these people that their smiling mugs would appear on my blog, so here they are…

After work we headed over to Schwitzer Hall where the residents were hosting trick-or-treaters for the evening. My parents dressed me up in my lobster suit and took me over to greet the youngsters and families that came. I also ran into my pals Addison and Wrigley (Bulldog Beauty Contest winners) who were also dressed up as a bumble bee and a piglet (respectively). It’s all pictured below…

On Saturday it was back to campus for another round with Dave Smiley of WZPL-FM, 99.5, who had his camper trailer all set up and ready for the Butler stop on the Smiley Morning Show College Tailgate Tour.

Smiley always knows how to get me fired up and while hanging out with he and his producer “Weedman,” I located one of Smiley’s footballs in his camper and made myself at home. And by “made myself at home” I mean that I destroyed his football. Just check out the video…

My parents had to finally pull me off the football so that I wouldn’t waste all of my energy before kickoff of the game. I did my typical lead the team to battle routine, but this time my dad let me off of my leash to see how I would do. I guess I passed the test. I was really fired up for it…if you watch the video you’ll hear me barking before we do our 50 yard dash onto the field.

After that I left campus and headed to Holliday Park for a family photo shoot. Instead of posing by myself or with famous people, I finally got to have a photo session with my parents for once. I enjoyed being out at the park and I think with the fall colors, we’re going to have some nice looking photos to choose from for our Christmas Cards. A big thanks to Butler’s own Christi Isgan of Christina Isgan Photography & Design for taking our photos!

Following the family photos I went home and napped to prepare for the first men’s basketball contest of the 2008-09 season: an exhibition matchup with Marian College. I had been looking forward to getting back in Hinkle Fieldhouse for a basketball game since our final game there last season. I was so thrilled to be back. Of course, I did my pre-game routine with the starting five players and the Dawg Pound and even though we started three freshman, they are all quick learners as all five starters gave me a little good luck tap when announced. You can check out the video here…

At halftime of the game, I then headed next door to the HRC to visit some youngsters who were in the pool and enjoying a Riley Teen Retreat. They got me a little wet, but I didn't mind. I was hot by that point so it felt pretty good actually. I really wanted to join them in the water, but I'm not exactly a good swimmer so I had to refrain.

On Sunday, I tried to relax, but I did my fair share of running around too as I helped my parents rake leaves in the yard and later went to a Colts viewing party. And that was my week. Whew. It was even tiring just to watch my dad type all of that! Hopefully you haven’t been working as hard as I have. If so, take a break. If not, don’t change.

Blue II

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summertime BLUEs

Summertime BLUEs was just a play on words. Get it? It’s summertime, my name is Blue, there’s the famous song “Summertime Blues,” and I needed a title for this thing. Anyway, my dad thought it was a good idea. Sometimes I just do things to humor him.

It’s not really the blues that I have, but just a bit of frustration. Why, you ask. (I’m assuming you would ask, anyway.) Well, it all stemmed from a stroll down the front hallway of my favorite campus building, Hinkle Fieldhouse.

If you’ve ever been to Hinkle Fieldhouse (and if you haven’t ever been, then you should make a point to do that some day) then you know that the hallways feature very large team pictures of the various sports, etc., for the given academic year. I’ve been fortunate to be featured in some of those pictures and I hope to be again soon as I’m always up for that sort of thing.

Well I noticed that this year’s cheerleading picture was up, but something about it was amiss. Front and center there happened to be a live English Bulldog, and while the face staring back shared a resemblance, it didn’t quite appear to be my likeness.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! If I had opposable thumbs, I would have given them a rub. Instead I stood their panting, speechless. I couldn’t even bark or muster a growl. I had to look back at my dad just to a.) confirm what I was seeing and b.) make sure I hadn’t been replaced!

But there it was and there it is, for all eyes to see for one whole year…another bulldog other than myself posing with the squad. It was “impermissibull,” “inexcusabull,” and “intolerabull!” How dare another bulldog try and impersonate the official mascot! I mean, the very thought of it sounds absurd.

But it happened and I’m not going to name any names or call anyone out. I just hope steps are taken so it doesn’t happen again. I mean, I know I sleep a lot and have a busy schedule, but university requests, including photo-ops, take priority and I’ll do whatever I can, within reason, to make myself available.

Sure, my feelings are hurt, but at the end of the day, something like this just makes Butler look silly. I mean, otherwise, what would be the point of even having me around in the first place? You think that the University of Georgia would allow me or any other English Bulldog to fill in for UGA? I don’t think so. It’s UGA, or nothing. Of course, we’re talking about the mascot that has an air conditioned dog house and a personal golf cart.

Regardless, you get the idea. Clip Art bulldogs and generics are for places like Brandywine Elementary School, no offense. Well, that and Ferris State University. Yeah, I said it.

Sure, technically Butler and I represent the entire breed, but I’m not willing to share duties or the spotlight unless it’s at Homecoming and we’re holding the Bulldog Beauty Contest. (Shameless plug for my dad…sign up now! October 25th.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. The last two times our men’s basketball team has made it to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament Sweet 16, the Horizon League has created some really great posters (see below) in honor of the achievement and has even had them placed in USA Today! Unfortunately, they did not use Blue I or myself in those instances. Again, we’re available and images of our likeness are on file with the Office of University Relations.

They are actually really cool posters, I just wish myself and my predecessor would have been a part of them, but enough about all of that. After all, there’s nothing I can do about any of it now, so I’ve moved on with my summer and have been enjoying every bit of it.

I do apologize for not posting on the blog for some time, but my dad’s been busy and as you know, I’m at the mercy of his fingers. For my parents, there’s been work, home projects, parties, IndyCar races and camping. That means I’ve been busy with work, sleep, running around in the yard and frequent trips to Wabash, Ind. to stay with the grandparents.

A couple Saturday’s ago I even got the green light to play in the sprinkler! It was everything I remembered and more. I couldn’t get enough.

If you’ve checked out my YouTube site recently then you’ve probably already seen the videos, but if not, I’ve included one below.


Speaking of refreshing, beat the heat, activities, I also got to enjoy my very own popsicle the other day as well! Thanks to the Office of Admission and their BU 101 family picnic, I was not only able to take part in the festivities and meet our prospective students and families, but I also got to get in on the frozen treat cooler. I needed it as the temperatures were into the 90s that day. My dad picked out a purple popsicle and then arranged for a couple of ladies to feed it to me. I thought I had died and gone to a very warm heaven!

At Butler, besides bulldog imposters and hot picnics, it’s just been much of the usual. Random stuffed animal destruction (see below), naps, camp photo-ops (see below), appearances and trips to the HRC fill my days. It won’t be long now until all of the students return and campus really comes to life again. I’ve noticed many of the student athletes already on campus preparing for their seasons, including some of our newest members of the men’s basketball team. They’re looking pretty good!

Okay, that’s probably plenty for now, so wrap this up I’d like to give a shout-out to Napoleon, a fellow bulldog in Michigan who saved several kittens from drowning in a lake. You can read all about it here: Nice work, Napoleon!

Would the real Blue II please stand up,

Blue II

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bulldogs Win College World Series and Dressing for Success

Bulldogs Win, Bulldogs Win, Bulldogs Win! ...the Bulldogs of the Fresno State variety that is.

Fresno State beat the University of George Bulldogs last night in the best of a three game series in the NCAA College World Series at Omaha, Nebraska. Granted, I wish it were the Butler Bulldogs that were being crowned champs, but as a representative of the breed, I’m still proud that that it was Bulldogs V. Bulldogs in the World Series championship.

Earlier in the year the Bulldog made the top-10 list of most popular dogs for the first time since 1935 and now we have Bulldogs battling Bulldogs for titles and championships. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and the Bulldogs are ready for dinner. In other words, we’re on the rise people, so get on the bandwagon!

Well since last week I haven’t been up to much…just work, pleasure and more camp pictures. Only this time it was with students attending percussion and piano camp. Below are some pictures.

Outside of that, I’m just trying to beat the heat. Remember, us Bulldogs are heat-sensitive so little to no time at all in this hot and humid weather is more than enough for me. Air conditioning, water and shade are all my good friends this time of year.

As I posted last week with that video of Gus the Bulldog devouring that watermelon, I think I’d like to try that for myself. I hear that watermelon is a refreshing summer treat and rumor has it that my parents are hitting the grocery store this weekend, so I just might get lucky!

Finally, as promised, I said that I would respond to the comments left for me on the blog. As it turns out, there have only been two in recent weeks. Nonetheless, they are…

“What tricks can you do? It would be great to see a video of some of your best tricks.” – Anonymous

My repertoire of tricks includes the “high-five,” “rollover,” “dead dog,” “speak,” and “pout.” I’m also re-mastering commands like “stay” and I have a feeling that with this AKC Canine Good Citizen training business, I am going to have to learn all kinds of fun stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any video of my trick routine so I’ll have my dad work on that and get something posted in the near future.

Our second and last post reads…

“In any of your official duties as Butler Mascot, have you ever been asked to dress up in something completely embarrassing? I know you get to wear shirts a lot and the occasional bow tie. Take a look at your fellow bulldog (pictured below) dressed like an idiot for his parents' wedding ceremony. And that is getting published nationally!” – Jackie P.

Good question, Jackie! Hemingway the Bulldog looks ridiculous in that picture. Granted, in my debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated I was sporting a Dawg Pound t-shirt, but that is in no way the same as Hemingway’s jester get-up or whatever he’s donning.

It’s true; I’ve worn everything from jerseys, to sweaters, to t-shirts, dew rags, bow ties, neck ties, arm bands, coats, special collars and Halloween costumes. What can I say, it goes with the job.
Most of the stuff I wear is within reason and in fact, I actually get excited when I see things like my jersey or when I get to put on t-shirts…it means that I’m going to get to do something fun.

But I also know when what I’m wearing is just wrong, like our friend Hemingway. Typically that would be the Halloween costumes. One year I went as a pirate and another as a pumpkin. Captain Jack Sparrow and a Jack-O-Lantern I am not.

Anyway, I’m still looking for Nike to suit me up with a tailor-made jersey that I can wear to football games and other events. You’ll notice in the picture below that UGA, Georgia’s mascot found a way to make that happen.

I figure now that the Butler Athletic Dept. signed an exclusive Nike deal, I might actually be able to get something in the works.

But for now, the only thing I'll be wearing in this heat is my fur coat.

Have a great weekend!

Blue II