Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year...Same Blue II

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I’m a little late on that, I know, but keep in mind that it’s not my fault…I don’t get to type these things so I’m at the mercy of my old man finding his way to the keyboard to hammer these posts out. Needless to say, the hustle and bustle of the holidays followed by a “family” (family = sans family dog) hasn’t given him much time to submit a new post on my behalf.

Yep, he and my mom took off for Disney World for a little more than a week, back on Jan. 9th while I got to go stay with my Kaltenmark grandparents in Wabash, Ind. I love my grandparents, but I’m not so certain that I got the losing end of that deal. My dad said something about no dogs being allowed at Disney World. What? No dogs? Isn’t their main mascot a mouse?! Please.

Oh well, as the week without my parents went on, I resigned myself to the fact that I’m was going to be away from them for a while and spending some quality time with the grandparents wasn’t so bad. After all, I was able to get plenty of sleep, attention, pampering and playtime with my toys. So, while it wasn’t so bad, it still was no Disney World either. Below are some pics my grandpa took to illustrate my week...

I hope the holidays and the first couple weeks of the New Year treated everyone very well. Per usual, jolly old Saint Nick was kind to me. I’ve got enough new toys to keep me busy for a while. Below is a little video of me tearing in to one of my presents. You can view more video at my BlueTube site or

(That's my cousins, Andrew and Alex Dinkins on the assist.)

Outside of the presents there was just a lot of hanging out with family, napping and eating…the sort of thing I do on a daily basis really. We did watch that new movie, Kung Fu Panda…I liked it and I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between the panda and myself. We’re both big, cumbersome, jolly, hungry cuddly guys. I just don’t know much in the way of ninja battle tactics. It’s a good movie...I suggest it for all ages.

It seemed that the Nintendo Wii was another popular activity this past holiday season and well, all of that activity in front of the TV kind of got me excited. I mean, think about how that looks to me; humans standing in the living room, waving their arms at the TV while jumping around and contorting their bodies. To this bulldog it looks like your either having a grand mal seizure or inviting me to play. I just assume the latter and take it upon myself to jump on your leg and completely wreck any positive progress you’ve made in whatever game you’re playing. Game over Nintendo Wii; game on Blue II.

Moving on, the New Year started out well for us Butler Bulldogs as the men’s basketball team reentered the Top-25 rankings. In late December they hit the AP poll and into the first week of 2009 they moved up and entered both polls. A week later and they moved up yet again. We’ll see what this week brings, but regardless of our position in the Top 25, it’s just nice to be there.
At 16-1, the Dawgs are looking good…keep up the good work!

Well, that’s about all the material that I have for you at the moment. All this vacationing, mostly by my parents, has left me with little to discuss. However, worry not, with the students returning to campus, basketball season getting into full swing, and other things, I have a feeling that my social and work calendar will be full soon enough and I’ll have plenty to share. Until then, stay warm and enjoy the start of 2009!

Blue II

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