Friday, May 2, 2008

Go Green with Blue!

It's been another great spring week. I've continued to enjoy the spring weather, especially the cooler temps at the start of the week. Perfect bulldog weather!

With the end of classes and the start of finals, things have been relatively quiet on campus. Not as quiet as they are in the summer, but noticeably different than the normal hustle and bustle that the school year typically provides.

However, Tuesday was still a lively day as it began with the annual Campus Sweep event. Campus Sweep is an event held by the Staff Assembly for faculty and staff to join in together and help clean up the campus for the spring. That morning you can find employees sweeping side walks, washing windows and even spreading mulch. It's as much about comraderie and community as it is about cleaning the already beautiful campus.

This year's them was "Go Green with Blue!" so of course I was invited for the opening ceremonies, but not so much the cleaning up part. I tend to make more messes than I do clean them up. Nonetheless, I sported my event t-shirt and made an appearance.

I did help out with the cleaning a little bit...primarily in the role of supervisor. I saw Greg Lily of the facilities staff fire up that John Deere Gator and I helped myself to the passenger seat and off we went. It was just like riding the tractor and four-wheeler at grandma and grandpa's house!

For more videos from the event, be sure to visit BlueTube at

After that, we got to go to the annual faculty and staff picnic where I managed to score a few illegal table scraps. All told, I got enough pieces of grilled chicken to constitute a full breast, a cherry tomato, and a couple pieces of a cookie. Not bad for a dog who's not supposed to receive handouts. I've still got it baby...suckers!

Later that afternoon, my dad and I were out doing errands when we ran across senior Loren Snyder and his English Bulldog, Bella. She's a 5 year old bullie and you may remember that she and I didn't quite get along the first time we met.

Well, we worked out our differences and just had a great time out on the lawn on Tuesday. A special thanks to Bob Marcus who came along while we were playing and snapped some pictures. Check them out...

The layout of the pictures is to represent the nature of our playtime. Basically we would play for 20 seconds then rest for 2 minutes. We went on like that for quite a while until it was obvious we didn't know when to quit. But it was fun!

Fast forward to today and I got to go to another Office of Admission Early Resgistration event. I always like greeting those future bulldogs and begging for a piece of their breakfast, so that was fun too.

Next week should be a busy week with the Seniors participating in their last social events given that commencement is just around the corner. I'm sure there will be some fun stuff for me to get into.

Speaking of next week, be sure to check your mail boxes for a piece of mail from yours truly! That's right, many of the Butler family will receive a letter and envelope with my mug on it and a message from me. I talk about all the great stuff that's been going on around campus this year as well as ask for a little dough too. (There's also a cool window decal inside as well.)

So if you get that letter, be sure to send a check back in the return envelope that is provided! Don't worry, the money won't be spent on dog bones or anything like that...I let Dr. Fong and Trustees figure out where to spend that stuff. I just ask for it. I figure it's just like begging for food and as you read earlier from my faculty/staff picnic venture, I'm pretty good at that sort of thing.

Of course, you don't have to respond to the letter. You can give anytime at Tell 'em Blue II sent ya!


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