Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blue II...A Giant?

Somebody get my super agent, Ari Gold, on the phone because it's NFL draft day and it appears that the fans are clammoring for my gridiron services.

Evidently the World Champion New York Football Giants are in need of some help at the free safety position and some of their fans think I could fill that role. It's true. Check out this blog site, second paragraph which reads:

"Safety is by far the biggest need for the Giants this year. Neither James Butler nor Michael Johnson is going to cut it at free safety. I would feel more comfortable with Don Johnson or the Butler Bulldogs’ mascot at safety"

That's right, you would feel more comfortable with me at safety, even if my only previous football experience is running the Butler Bulldogs on the field at each home game.

Clearly my reputation of a tenacious defender preceeds me in New York. Hey Mara and Tisch, I prefer jersey No. 2!

Before I sign off to go watch the draft myself, I did want to send out a couple of belated birthday wishes. My apologies to Rachael Stephens Burt and Arni Sribhen for not mentioning their birthday on April 24th.

Happy Belated Birthday Rachael!

Happy Belated Birthday Arni!

Blue II

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WinstonBerry said...

Hi Blue!
I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi! You sure are handsome! :-)

Winnie :-)