Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sneak Preview, Weather and Flatulence

If you’re in the Butler database, meaning you get the Butler Magazine and other great materials, then chances are a very handsomely packaged DVD will be hitting your mailbox soon, if it hasn’t already. The Office of University Advancement is sending out this DVD to nearly all Butler constituents. It was produced and created by CMC Media Group in Indianapolis and contains three chapters.

The main chapter is a great piece that highlights the past, present and future of Butler and is the key feature of the piece, but in my biased opinion, the best chapter is the one about me!

And you’re in luck as I’ve got the clip about me to show as a special sneak preview; exclusive to my blog and BlueTube. So now you don’t even have to wait for the DVD to show up to your home. (But when it does, crack it open anyway and after admiring my great photos on the packaging, do watch the main feature.)

So, without further adieu, “Meet The Butler Bulldog.”

Well, what did you think? Pretty good huh? I'm thinking we should pitch this to A&E to see if they'll profile me for their A&E Biography show.

Anyway, what is the deal with all of these thunderstorms lately? Not a fan. Between the lightning, the loud cracks of thunder, the tornado sirens and the drenching rain, it’s not a good time to be a dog in Indiana. It's also not allowing me to get the 10-14 hours of sleep I need each day.

Then all of that is followed up with 90 degree temperatures and high humidity so now I can’t put a paw out the door without panting and overheating. Oh well, I guess that just means less play time outside and more time spent in the air conditions and under a sturdy roof. I hope it means a little more time in my pool too!

My mom and I are heading to Grandma and Grandpa Richards' house in Wabash, Ind. this weekend (my dad is off racing again...this weekend in Texas - Saturday, 10 p.m., ESPN2) so I'm hoping we can get my pool out there and I can go for a dip. Maybe we can squeeze in a four-wheeler ride too!

Weather aside and recreation, I was recently informed of Dogster’s Dog Blog and their research suggesting that the bulldog is the most flatulent breed of dogs. I just want to know what the research process involved to come up with this accusation.

I cannot deny that I may have a little flatulence problem, but that’s only because my dad is typing this for me and he keeps me honest. If I could type this blog myself, I would deny, deny, deny. Pretty much like all you dog owners do who have been known to break their own wind and then blame it on the dog. We’re on to your little game!

Well, I guess that's about it for now. A few of you have been leaving me comments lately, and I appreciate that. I will try and take some time this next week to dig through the "mail bag" and respond with some answers and comments.

Stay cool,

Blue II

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