Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bulldogs Win College World Series and Dressing for Success

Bulldogs Win, Bulldogs Win, Bulldogs Win! ...the Bulldogs of the Fresno State variety that is.

Fresno State beat the University of George Bulldogs last night in the best of a three game series in the NCAA College World Series at Omaha, Nebraska. Granted, I wish it were the Butler Bulldogs that were being crowned champs, but as a representative of the breed, I’m still proud that that it was Bulldogs V. Bulldogs in the World Series championship.

Earlier in the year the Bulldog made the top-10 list of most popular dogs for the first time since 1935 and now we have Bulldogs battling Bulldogs for titles and championships. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and the Bulldogs are ready for dinner. In other words, we’re on the rise people, so get on the bandwagon!

Well since last week I haven’t been up to much…just work, pleasure and more camp pictures. Only this time it was with students attending percussion and piano camp. Below are some pictures.

Outside of that, I’m just trying to beat the heat. Remember, us Bulldogs are heat-sensitive so little to no time at all in this hot and humid weather is more than enough for me. Air conditioning, water and shade are all my good friends this time of year.

As I posted last week with that video of Gus the Bulldog devouring that watermelon, I think I’d like to try that for myself. I hear that watermelon is a refreshing summer treat and rumor has it that my parents are hitting the grocery store this weekend, so I just might get lucky!

Finally, as promised, I said that I would respond to the comments left for me on the blog. As it turns out, there have only been two in recent weeks. Nonetheless, they are…

“What tricks can you do? It would be great to see a video of some of your best tricks.” – Anonymous

My repertoire of tricks includes the “high-five,” “rollover,” “dead dog,” “speak,” and “pout.” I’m also re-mastering commands like “stay” and I have a feeling that with this AKC Canine Good Citizen training business, I am going to have to learn all kinds of fun stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any video of my trick routine so I’ll have my dad work on that and get something posted in the near future.

Our second and last post reads…

“In any of your official duties as Butler Mascot, have you ever been asked to dress up in something completely embarrassing? I know you get to wear shirts a lot and the occasional bow tie. Take a look at your fellow bulldog (pictured below) dressed like an idiot for his parents' wedding ceremony. And that is getting published nationally!” – Jackie P.

Good question, Jackie! Hemingway the Bulldog looks ridiculous in that picture. Granted, in my debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated I was sporting a Dawg Pound t-shirt, but that is in no way the same as Hemingway’s jester get-up or whatever he’s donning.

It’s true; I’ve worn everything from jerseys, to sweaters, to t-shirts, dew rags, bow ties, neck ties, arm bands, coats, special collars and Halloween costumes. What can I say, it goes with the job.
Most of the stuff I wear is within reason and in fact, I actually get excited when I see things like my jersey or when I get to put on t-shirts…it means that I’m going to get to do something fun.

But I also know when what I’m wearing is just wrong, like our friend Hemingway. Typically that would be the Halloween costumes. One year I went as a pirate and another as a pumpkin. Captain Jack Sparrow and a Jack-O-Lantern I am not.

Anyway, I’m still looking for Nike to suit me up with a tailor-made jersey that I can wear to football games and other events. You’ll notice in the picture below that UGA, Georgia’s mascot found a way to make that happen.

I figure now that the Butler Athletic Dept. signed an exclusive Nike deal, I might actually be able to get something in the works.

But for now, the only thing I'll be wearing in this heat is my fur coat.

Have a great weekend!

Blue II

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