Friday, October 24, 2008

There's No Place Like HOMEcoming!

Well, it’s here, the biggest weekend of the year. That’s right, it’s time for Homecoming! If you don’t know about it, then as the kids say, “you’d better ask somebody!” Or, you could just log on to for complete details.

As for me, well, I’m going to be “working like a dog” this weekend (pun intended). The students have been hard at it all week with all sorts of activities and shenanigans, but I’ve been laying low in preparation for my weekend responsibilities. The students’ theme for homecoming is something about superheroes and below is a picture of me by their banner.

Besides a couple of appearances on Friday morning, thankfully I still get to rest up before it all goes down on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I get things started of a 10 a.m. for the Butler University Bulldog Beauty Contest, presented by the Ovid Butler Society, then make my way over to the Young Alumni Board’s Barktoberfest, then head back across campus to ride in the parade, then get dropped off back over at Hinkle Fieldhouse and the Butler Bowl to get ready to run the team out onto the field and then I get to go home and sleep some more. (And by the way, our Butler Bulldogs are 5-1 and 3-0 in Pioneer League play! Here's to hoping they keep it going against Morehead State!)

Okay, so really, my dad has a lot more appearances to make over the next 48 hours than I do, but I’m just a dog and the only mascot Butler has right now, so I’m kind of a big deal.

And speaking of big deal, let’s talk more about this Bulldog Beauty Contest. Its ninth year looks to be its biggest year yet and I’m thrilled to once again serve as the “host dog” for the best bulldog pageant in all the land.

On the eve of this contest we have 70 dogs pre-registered and we have unfortunately had to even turn some dogs away at this point! Anyway, last week I promised some skinny on the contest, so here it is…

The contest will begin at 10 a.m. at the main campus mall, by Norris Plaza and will feature eight categories. Dogs are eligible to enter up to two categories only not counting best of show. The categories are…

-Cutest Bulldog
-Meanest-Looking Bulldog
-Best Dressed Bulldog
-Best Dog Trick*
-Most Butler Spirit*
-Best Wannabe Bulldog*
-Oldest Bulldog
-Youngest Bulldog

-Best in Show*

Categories ending with an asterisk are the only categories open for non-bulldogs. Non-bulldogs being defined as any breed other than the English Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, French Bulldog and American Bulldog. Again, only two categories of competition per dog and once a dog has won a certain category, they are excluded from competing in any remaining categories until the “Best in Show” round.

The “Best in Show” round will be the final round of judging and will be limited to the eight category winners. Judging criteria for the “Best in Show” is subjective and loosely defined, so anything goes for the final eight at that point.

We have five judges and their identities will be protected until the day of competition so that there may be no influencing, buyouts, etc. We want a clean competition.

All participants will receive a bag of Holistic Select natural dog treats with 90% meat, courtesy of Eagle Pack Pet Foods, Inc. In addition, category winners will receive some special toys thanks to City Dogs Grocery (49th St. and College Ave.).

So that’s how the show is run. Here’s how things look…our setup has improved again this year as we will have three small sets of bleachers erected for spectator viewing. Again this year we’ll have a stage and runway/catwalk for the dogs and handlers to parade in front of the audience and judges. We also have a nice big banner as a back drop behind the stage this year, so it should look pretty legit.

Now, if the weather holds out, we’ll be in business. I’ve been told that the weather report keeps improving by the hour, but we’ll see. Regardless, we owe our sponsors some love and our sincere appreciation goes out them. We would like to thank the Ovid Butler Society, Eagle Pack Pet Foods, Inc.(Liz Morken), City Dogs Grocery (Susan Smith), Woodland Animal Hospital (Dr. Kurt Phillips), Indiana Veterinary Specialists (Dr. Deborah Stephan), and Firehouse Images (Terry Corman). This event would not be possible without these businesses and people.

Before I sign off I’ve got just a couple of other items of business for all of you devoted readers. First, I need your vote…yes, again! Just do it, besides, its good practice for the highly anticipated November 4th.

I’m vying for the top honors (Zelda’s Lick or Treat book and her entire collection of Halloween costumes) in Zelda’s 1st annual Lick or Treat Canine Costume Halloween Contest and I need your vote to win. The picture my dad used is me as a pirate on Halloween a couple of years ago. You can view that and vote here:

A big thanks to my great aunties in Huntington, Ind. for hooking me up with Zelda’s Lick or Treat book already! I found it to be a good read…couldn’t put it down!

Finally, there are a couple of blogs that I’ve recently enjoyed frequenting recently and I think you will too.

The first blog is You English majors and grammar specialists might want to steer clear of this site as it will drive you crazy, but those of you who enjoy dogs and good humor, then this is the site for you. Below is one screen shot from


The other blog of interest lately is Don’t “fail” or you may end up on this blog! They featured a “fail” the other day that Butler would be guilty of as well. Once you see it below, you’ll understand why…

fail owned pwned pictures

Have a safe and happy Homecoming! I hope to see you around campus.

Blue II

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