Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a Norovirus Cure

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, then chances are you’ve heard about it or even seen in the news that Butler University is not just the home of the Bulldogs, but the Norovirus (pictured) as well. Just like a cruise ship, we’ve got a pool, exercise facilities, dining areas and yes, the Norovirus.

Fortunately, I haven’t contracted the illness and neither has my dad, but cases continue to pop up each day with over 200 reported in seven days. New cases have drastically slowed down, thankfully, but the risk still exists! So, thus far so we’re just trying to stay clean and out of contact.

Basically, the best way to keep from getting the virus is to wash your hands and paws…early and often. Thus the irony, National Hand Washing Awareness Week is Dec. 7-13. Visit for details. Too bad this couldn’t happen a couple of weeks ago, but seriously, wash your hands folks!

Per usual, I’ve been keeping myself occupied since my last post. Last Friday I was invited to the PRSSA oath ceremony where journalism/public relations students at Butler joined our Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. Why was I there? I’m not sure, but they gave me and my dad an official member certificate for coming and that’s cool. So yes, I am now a member of the PRSSA. For the right price, I may even let PRSSA use me in their promotional materials. Hey, the economy is down and I’ve got to get paid!

On Saturday we ventured over to 49th Street and College Ave. to drop in on my friends at City Dogs Grocery for their annual Furry Friends Holiday Open House. I got some complimentary treats from the official food provider of me, Eagle Pack Pet Foods, Inc., I got a nifty little tennis ball to chomp on and of course, I got to pay a visit to the fat man from the North Pole, jolly old St. Nick. Check it out…

I asked Santa for a few things for myself, a couple things for my parents, and a few big ticket items for Butler. We’ll see if he can come through. I’m on the “nice” list this year, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Again this week Christmas has come early as Linda Cooley from the Political Science Department brought me some more stuffed animals. Linda is pretty much my new favorite person on campus.

Just behind Linda would have to be my new friend Emily Reeser in the Marketing Communications office. She’s my new seamstress of sorts. Emily’s been hard at work putting those years in 4-H to good use by helping me get some proper fitting attire.

Let me explain…thanks to Shelby Roscoe in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and her friend who is a rep for Nike, I have a new football jersey. However, that jersey needed a couple modifications to fit this fine specimen of a bulldog body, insert Emily, who was able to put in an elastic band in the waist area. Now I just have to pin up the sleeves and I’m in business next football season! Sweet!

Thanks to all that made it possible! I’m still working on a truly custom fitted jersey, but this will be a big improvement for the time being. Much appreciated! As you can tell, I like wearing it…makes me feel like a big deal.

On Monday I had another little photo shoot on location at the HRC. The premise of the shoot was me on a treadmill. It’s kind of an oxymoronic pose really, but it works. The photo is going to be used for some HRC promotional items, etc. I had a good time with it, although I’m not too keen on doing anything other than just standing on the treadmill. Fire the thing up and I’m hopping off and barking at it…much like my skateboard routine.

Congratulations again goes out to the Butler men’s basketball team who soundly defeated the Bradley Braves last night to go 8-0 thus far on the season. The Bulldogs head to Columbus, Ohio for Saturday’s battle of the unbeatens as we take on the 5-0 and nationally ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.

Our Lady Bulldogs head to Ohio this weekend for a Saturday match-up with the Redhawks of Miami University. The women are 3-5 and have won 2 of their last 3 games.

Don't forget to call this week's Butler Bulldog, Matt Howard on the Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library Call-A-Story to hear him read a selection from The World According to a Dog. Call 317-275-4444 and have a listen today!

Go Dawgs!

Blue II


Anonymous said...

blue, i hope you know those pool facilities you mentioned are just as clean as they possibly can be. it's been pretty slow in the mornings with finals and all, so we've had time to clorox positively everything! and we think that when your dad and mom come to swim or sit in the sauna that you should come for some swim lessons! just kidding, but we ARE mighty jealous of the control desk supervisors that get to play with you all the time.

your HRC morning lifeguards

Jamaica said...

Butler's campus isn't the only place being struck. Check this out: