Friday, December 5, 2008

ESPN Calls it "Mayhem in December"

If you missed last night's ESPNU airing of the men's basketball match up between the undefeated and young Butler Bulldogs against the No. 1 pre-season Horizon League favorites, the Cleveland State Vikings, then I hope you maybe saw the highlights on ESPN's SportsCenter's Top-10 plays.

And if you missed that then maybe you heard Joe Gentry and Nick Gardner on WXNT 1430 AM, or perhaps you caught the game online at the Horizon League Network. And if none of that happened, then I need you to get out from under that rock in which you are living, change up your priorities and get behind the Dawgs!

Wow! What a game last night. It was brutal and undeniably ugly. There were more fumbles, miscues and missed shots than anyone would care to admit. However, what shown brightly from the Butler squad throughout the entire game was a positive attitude, perseverance, tenacity and a refusal to quit. Those boys just didn't have it in them to roll over and play dead when the going got tough. They just found a way, ugly or not, to get the job done.

That job manifested itself in two big three point baskets by sophomores Shawn Vanzant and Zach Hahn. The latter at the buzzer to win the game. If there was ever grace under pressure, that was it. Check it out...

But it wasn't just Vanzant and Hahn that made it happen. It was a total team effort. From the coaching staff, through the players and all the way to the bus driver, the whole thing just came together and worked. They all stayed positive, knew their job, followed through. Take for instance freshman and "Roly Poly Puppies" reader (317-275-4444) Gordon Hayward...the kid had 8 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks. Solid and darn near unnoticed...just another day at the office.

Now the Bulldogs are 6-0 heading further east across Ohio to take on conference foe, Youngstown State on Saturday. I suggest you get your radio or computer fired up to take in that game. For more info on the Butler Bulldogs, might I suggest you take a look at the Indianapolis Star's David Woods and his great coverage:

Can you tell I'm pumped up?! This is one happy Butler Bulldog!

Go Dawgs!

Blue II

P.S. On a more somber note, our condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to Shawn Vanzant, who's grandmother recently passed away. Your Butler family is here for you, Shawn.

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