Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A New Champ, But No Bulldog

Well, another Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has come and gone, the 133rd to be exact, and we’ve got another stunner taking the “Top Dog” spot this year. Last year it was the Beagle (named Uno), this year it is a 10-year old Sussex Spaniel named Stump.

My congratulations to Stump on cheating death and coming out of retirement, as of last Wednesday, to become the oldest “Best in Show” at Westminster! This dog has quite a story! Check it out at;

All that aside, I’m still waiting for the English Bulldog to bust out of the Non-Sporting ranks and take the top prize. People will be saying, “Uno and Stump who?” An English Bulldog with the silver cup will blow peoples’ minds!

I’d do it, but there was a certain procedure that my good vet, Dr. Kurt Phillips performed on me back in the day that has since disqualified me from competition. Remember, these sorts of shows are judged upon “breedability” and the best dog to pass along his/her defining breed characteristics. I think you get the idea now as to why I cannot participate.

A-hem, anyway, as I was saying, I would be happy to capture the crown for the English Bulldog, but it wasn’t meant to be. So some bully, somewhere, is going to need to get their A-game together and make it happen. Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time. Our recent climb into the AKC’s Top-10 breeds over the last two years has us prime to make a stand at Westminster in the near future. When it happens, you can just remember that I told you so!

In a non-related story, I finally visited those “comment-leaving” HRC life guards this morning down at the HRC pool. My dad had to teach Boot Camp this morning, so that means a 5:30 a.m. wakeup call for this tired pooch and an early trip to campus. My reward was a trek down to the pool to pay the life guards a visit. I think they loved it! After all, they’ve been clamoring for it over the last two semesters!

Thankfully, I did not jump in the pool, so my dad says that I can come back and visit again. It was tempting, but I was good boy and refrained. That water sure did look refreshing, up until the point I remembered that I sink like a rock in water.

Finally today, I leave you with the promised pictures from my most recent photo shoot. You know the ones I mentioned in my last post regarding the recycling shoot and my new Nike jersey shoot. I’ve included some below (photos by Brent Smith), but for the rest, head to the album on my Facebook fan page, located here:

I wish everyone nothing but the best on Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t got a special someone to share it with, then I’ll be your “Valentine!” Oh, that reminds me, I must send a special thanks to Leslie Bishop for sending me a Valentine’s Day card! It’s so nice to be loved! Thanks Leslie!

Much love,

Blue II

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Anonymous said...

Hey Blue...I went to see Frank and Jeane today to play with my mom, uncle and siblings. While there I learned that my Grandpa Rock made it to Westminster again this year (4th year in a row)and won best of opposite sex in the bulldog class! I haven't heard if he made it out to the carpet or not but hopefully I will get to see him March 7th at the dog show and hear all about his travels.