Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I titled this post, "Two for Tuesday," but really, it's two for the work week! Yep, I'm batting 1000 when it comes to getting my name in print this week.

On Monday it was the CASE Currents Magazine that my dad gets at work. There they chronicled my (and the university's) "publicity boon" as a result of the stolen bulldog mascot costumes.

The best I could do was a scanned copy of the article in two seperate files. You probably can't even read them. I'll summarize...then university employee Brad Ward had a great idea to create a video of me searching for the missing bulldog mascot costumes, put it online and hope it goes viral. Some 13,000+ video views and a ton of publicity later, the plan worked. Sorry, that's the best I could do. Deal with it and enjoy...

Today it was Indy's Examiner.com. The Indianapolis Dogs Examiner, Rachael Niehaus put up a cute little feature on me, appropriately titled, "A Dog's Life." You can check that story out by clicking here: http://www.examiner.com/x-3061-Indianapolis-Dogs-Examiner

Not bad for a couple of day's work!

Enjoy the reads,

Blue II

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