Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Stinky Week

How about a new movie to start this post? That should serve as a nice little attention-getter.

The video below is of me, just after the introduction of the Butler Bulldog starters as I make my way across the court to retrieve my over-sized rawhide bone from the Dawg Pound. This video was shot on Friday, Feb. 13, 2009 by Damon Lewis of the Horizon League, prior to the Butler/University of Illinois-Chicago men’s basketball game. Thanks for the video Damon!

As far as basketball goes, the rest of the week wasn’t so kind to the Butler Bulldogs…the men’s squad anyway. Since this game in which that video was taken, the Dawgs dropped two straight…something they haven’t done in 111 games. That’s downright stinks and unfortunately, my gastrointestinal system has matched their play.

You may remember an entry last year in which I posted a story about the bulldog being the gassiest of all dog breeds. Yeah, I lived up to that this week. I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of it, but to have such a strong smell come out of such a small being was kind of impressive.

The culprit of the flatulence was the consumption of unauthorized substances. In other words, I was eating something other than my dog food.

I’m on a strict diet of Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Formula made by Eagle Pack Pet Food, Inc. It treats me well. I have a nice smooth, soft and shiny coat, I am no longer affected much by seasonal allergies and I digest it well. When I deviate from my regular dog food, then you’re most certain to smell it.

Where/how would I consume such things other than my regular dog food, you ask? The office. Think about it. I work with a lot of people. These people are always bringing in food, throwing parties, eating at their desks, etc. These people also can’t say no to the pouty puppy face. Finally, these people don’t have to go home with me a night. That’s a perfect recipe for methane gas.

So my dad had to send yet another “don’t feed the dog” email out to his colleagues this week. In one email and just a few strokes of the keyboard, my dad has completely put the kibosh on my office culinary delight. Bummer.

Of course, now it’s just a big joke and I’m the “butt” (pun sort of intended) of these jokes. The office colleagues are suggesting my dad hang up signs outside his office like you’d find at a national park about not feeding the wild animals. They also came up with a t-shirt design for him. I’ve included it below. Note, I’m not laughing.

So the bad news is I no longer eat like a king. The good news, I no longer have a constantly upset stomach, indigestion and of course, bad gas. I suppose the positives out-weigh the negatives, but it’s been a tough lesson to learn.

Before I sign off, I’ve got to give some blog love to those sending love my way on Valentine’s Day. First, special thanks yet again to Leslie Bishop for the special Valentine’s Day bulldog card that she sent to the office! And, this time a special thanks also goes to Hiram Schilling for the card and treats and to Linda Cooley for the great new toys! It’s good to be me!

Here’s to hoping the Bulldogs regroup and come away victorious on Saturday (Feb. 21) at noon on ESPN versus Davidson in the BracketBuster and to a flatulence free weekend!

Blue II

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