Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Butler Blue II: What I've Learned

You ever pick up an Esquire Magazine and read the “What I’ve Learned” piece each month? The section typically focuses on a famous person and basically captures their life lessons, in their own words, on one page, and often with some sort of poignant/introspective photograph.

One of the best “What I’ve Learned” editions of all time belongs to legendary basketball coach and fellow Hoosier, John Wooden. You can read that here:

“What I’ve Learned” is so popular that Esquire devotes one whole issue a year to feature, in addition to what appears every month. It’s the first thing my dad turns to when his monthly subscription to Esquire Magazine arrives in the mail. He likes people, he likes the spoken work, he likes the printed word; “What I’ve Learned” is right up his alley.

So, for my sixth birthday I thought it was as good of time as any to debut a “What I’ve Learned” of my own. After all, I’m like 42 in dog-years and given that the average lifespan for an English Bulldog is 8-10 years, well, I’m getting up there! It’s time to share, “What I’ve Learned.”

(Birthday information follows below.)

Butler Blue II: What I’ve Learned

Mascot, 6, Indianapolis

The infamous Butler University mascot, now six years-old, on being a dog, The Butler Way, and Blue III.

Cliché, or cheesy, that’s how some people describe “The Butler Way.” That’s fine, but the core of its message you just can’t get sneeze at…especially in today’s society.

The Butler Way...demands commitment, denies selfishness,accepts reality, yet seeks improvement everydaywhile putting the team above self.

You ever hear the saying, “God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason?” Yeah, same here, only I can’t articulate with that mouth. My intuition is second-to-none and ohhhhh, if this dog could talk!

My mind is like a steal trap. I never forget.

When people make over me and really get down on my level for a good scratching, it’s really therapy for them. They’ll say that it’s all about me and giving me the attention I deserve, and there’s some truth to that, but those are the people that truly find my presence therapeutic as well.

I’m not for everyone. I get that. Some people just aren’t “dog people.” And frankly, some people aren’t for me.

“Dog people” are some of the most compassionate people that walk the earth.

Butler has not always had an official live mascot. They’re getting better at it all the time. I’m constantly training them. The question remains, how will they honor me when I’m gone?

The power of sleep can never be underestimated.

George Clinton once said, “…nuthin’ but the dog in me.” He must have been a dog in a previous life. He knows.

The entire Butler family will forever be indebted to the university’s current president, Dr. Bobby Fong. Love him or hate him, the man has vision, and has been a true leader behind the university’s growth and success.

Bobby Fong will leave Butler better than the way he found it. I hope I’m so fortunate.

I was born for this job. Refer to the saying that “not all bulldogs are created equal” for proof.
I’ve embraced the role of mascot and it has embraced me.

A lot of people and businesses have generously offered their care, goods and services for my well-being. If only I could tell them how much it means to me.

From my behavior and conduct, to my blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc., I’ve done my best to self-promote, pull my weight, and shine in my own limelight. However, it’s the acceptance of the Butler community and the success of the university that has truly made me the mascot that I am today.

My breeder mentioned something to my dad about Butler Blue III coming on the scene in a few years and suggested I’d make a good trainer/mentor. I suppose I’ll be up for that when the time comes. It’s my duty.

I will embrace death knowing that I lived as full of life as a dog could live and hoping that my legacy takes on the likes of Paul Bunyon or Chuck Norris.

My parents will be a wreck when it’s time for me to meet my maker.

The English Bulldog might be the most misunderstood breed of all time.

The success of the Butler men's basketball team won't last forever. People need to realize just how rare and exceptional all of this is. I'd like to tell our administration, our alumni, our fans , our faculty, our staff, and even our players to take every advantage of it, but that's putting it too lightly. Just look at the likes of UCLA, Arizona, Indiana and North Carolina these days. We're not even half their size either, thus making our situation all that much more precious. Carpe diem, Butler University. Carpe diem.

All ships rise because of our basketball success, even academic programs. Those that can't get behind it are missing opportunities of their own and shared greatness for the university.

Living is running the football team onto the field. Living is running across the basketball court to grab my bone from the Dawg Pound. Living is destroying a basketball in a matter of seconds. Living is riding in my tail wagon. Living is devouring ice cream. Living is being loved and loving right back.

Just when I think I’m calling the shots, my dad reminds me who is the “alpha dog.”

“Bulldogs ever do or die.” Butler Bulldogs of all ages, races and creeds; take heed!

Well, I hope you liked my take at Esquire’s ever-popular “What I’ve Learned.” Hey, Esquire, if you’re reading, feel free to pick this up and run it in your next issue. Might be timely if the Butler Bulldogs make it to the Final Four!

As for my birthday, well, I turn the big six on Saturday, March 27th, but we’re celebrating on campus this Friday, March 26th!

The Butler University Student Foundation (BUSF) is inviting the campus community to Starbucks from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. for “Blue II's Birthday Bash!” There will be free cupcakes and treats, photos with yours truly, fun games and prizes. Be sure to stop by and sign my birthday card or you can color your own special message for me!

All students, faculty and staff are invited to come out and show their Butler spirit in celebration of my sixth birthday!

Other than that, get your game-faces on because tomorrow our beloved Butler Bulldogs fifth-seeded men’s basketball team will take on the number one-seeded Syracuse Orange in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, tomorrow (Thursday, March 25th) at 7:07 p.m.

For more information on the game and viewing parties, visit:

Go Dawgs!

Blue II


Jason C. said...

Good read Blue (and for the record we know you are the alpha dog over your dad).

Kristen said...

BLUE! Thanks for the great thoughts and for the link to read about my hero J. Wooden. I love you tons! You have certainly improved my life:)

jessica lynn said...

go dawgs!

Kayla Bean Dog said...

Hate to say it Blue, but bulldogs might NOT be the most misunderstood breed of all time.

I hate to dispute that, but as an American Pit Bull Terrier mix, part of my lineage currently holds the "record" of being the most misunderstood breed at this time, and for the past umpteen years.

Though, you too are a bully breed, you aren't recognized as a killer, when in reality you are not. As long as you are raised right and loved by family, you will be just fine. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for my breed. We are looked negatively upon no matter what.

Just wanted to shed some light...

Best of luck to the DAWGS! GO BUTLER!

-Kayla Bean Dog

Jackie said...

Your "What I've Learned" is way better than the Georgetown bulldog's What I've Learned. It's not posted online, but they gave him 2 or 3 lines in last year's full What I've Learned issue.