Monday, March 8, 2010

The Great Blue II Twitter Calendar Give-Away

As many of you know, I’m pretty big on the Twitter. In fact, I’m so hip on the relatively new social medium it almost killed this blog!

Twitter has been a great way for me to report on what I’m doing, in real-time, in addition to maintaining a dialogue with fans, followers, and fellow Butler Bulldogs.

I’d like to think I’m the best canine in 140-characters or less. The twitter-sphere is my new domain! Plus, keep in mind that my Twitter efforts won me a gold medal!

So if I’m going to continue to tweet-it-up I’d like to have more followers with which to share my experience. That said, I’d like to thank the 1,116 Twitter followers that I have as of 9 a.m., Monday, March 08, 2010. You are great fans and I certainly appreciate your support!

BUT, I want more! So I’m taking a page out of the “How to do PR” manual written by my friends at Vision Racing (@VisionRacing) and I’m starting my own Twitter contest in order to acquire more followers. Winners drawn from the eligible ballots will receive a free 2010 Butler Blue II Calendar (nine solid months still worth using!).

I’m going to select a winner for every 50 new followers that I receive. So I’ll do a drawing at 1,150, another at 1,200, again at 1,250; so forth and so on.

Whether you’re a current follower or a new follower, you ALL can be a winner. To be entered in the contest, you must be following me at @ButlerBlue2 (so I can DM you) AND mention @ButlerBlue2.

Do this and a ballot will be entered in your name to win a 2010 calendar featuring yours truly!

Want to increase your chances by earning a second ballot? Simply add a link in your tweet directed to either my blog ( , one of my YouTube videos ( , one of my Flickr photos (, something on my Facebook page ( or mention Butler University (@ButlerU).

And tell the “tweeple” about me if you think that I’m worth the follow.

Best of luck to all and remember, ALL entries are eligible for each and every drawing. So you should have quite a few chances at winning.

Again, thank you for your support and Go Dawgs!

Blue II


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