Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Week and the Search Continues

After a busy weekend (which I will get to later) I came back to work refreshed and ready to find those missing Butler Bulldog mascot costumes this week. I was so fired up, that I shredded my red dragon in an attempt to send a message of intimidation to whom ever took these costumes. Here are a couple of pics of the aftermath…

As you can see, I mean business. Substitute the guilty for the red dragon and you get the message that I’m trying to send.

Tomorrow I’ll go from intimidation tactics to more video shooting as I work to make a sequel to my first film from last week, which has over 5,000 hits and counting as of this evening. In this new film I’ll cover the increased reward for the safe return of the mascots as well as follow up on the tips, leads and rumors that have been swirling about campus as to the whereabouts of our beloved costumes. It should be fun and I think you’ll again enjoy the finished product.

Speaking of fun, that’s exactly what I had on Saturday. It all started early in the morning at Hinkle Fieldhouse for the Lugar Run where I did a couple of TV hits on the local CBS affiliate, WISH-TV channel 8. Below are a couple shots from that…

Of course, I am a bulldog, therefore, I do not run, so as I sent the runners and walkers on their way, I got rested up for the OBS Gridiron Brunch and our football season home opener against the Grizzles of Franklin College.

Unfortunately we took it on the chin against Franklin to go 1-1 on the season, so that hurt, but there was some good that came out of the game and that was the Indianapolis Colts’ mascot Blue was there to fill in for our two-legged guy-in-suit bulldog mascot.

You may remember in one of my first blog posts I suggested that this town wasn’t big enough for two “Blues.” I stand corrected. Not only is Indianapolis fit for a pair of “Blues,” but the Butler Bowl can handle it as well.

I was just upset because I came along first and then the Colts created their mascot and gave him the same name. Oh well, it’s all water under the bridge, or as I like to say, water splashed out of the wading pool, at this point.

So my new ally Blue from the Colts came to campus on Saturday to fill in for our missing mascot and lend me a hoof in entertaining the crowd. He also helped me run the team out on the field which was cool. Below is a shot of Blue and I on the sideline.

If that’s not all, Blue and the Colts also ponied-up (pun intended) $1,000 to donate to Riley Hospital for Children should our missing mascot costumes be returned. Classy. Thanks Blue!

After all of that, I took a quick afternoon knap and then headed out to Zionsville, Ind. for a little family gathering with the Kaltenmark side. That pretty much lead to more sleeping (pictured with my mom below).

Then following that, my parents decided to make a late night trek over to visit some friends of my parents where we watched even more college football. I slept some more and enjoyed snacking on a football as you can see below.

All of that made for a very long day so I pretty much slept on Sunday while my parents attended the MotoGP. And that takes me to today where the search for the missing mascots resumed. I also threw up some new videos on BlueTube. Visit to check those out.

There are quite a few videos of a couple new friends (Addison and Xander) that I made last week. I ran into a couple of nine to 10 week old English Bulldog puppies last week, one owned by a Butler student and another owned by Butler alumni. They both are participating in the ninth annual Bulldog Beauty Contest on Oct. 25th.

And speaking of the beauty contest, I’ll conclude with a quick progress report. Again, things seem to be shaping up nicely as we now have 25 dogs registered. Remember, last year we had a record 60 dogs and thanks to my vet, Dr. Kurt Phillips of Woodland Animal Hospital in Carmel, Ind., his staff has sent invitations to 117 bulldog owners who own a total of 254 bulldogs! Dr. Phillips knows bulldogs!

I’m optimistic that with an outreach like that, we can have record turnout again this year. Remember, just email to sign up.

Blue II

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