Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Microphone Chomp

I forgot to post this last evening so I wanted to get it up on the blog today. Below is a link to a clip from Indianapolis' WTHR, NBC Channel 13 coverage of the Butler viewing parties around town yesterday.

Before the viewing parties got started, Cat, Matt and Korey from Channel 13 came by the office to get some footage of me. I was pretty wound up at the time having just come from greeting Butler's newest Bulldogs at an Office of Admission Early Registration.

When Cat asked me who I thought was going to win that day's game between Butler and S. Alabama, I figured that I would just let my actions do the talking. Message sent.

Check it out:

We captured our 30th win yesterday which is a new school record. I want more...even if it takes eating a whole camera this time!

Go Dawgs, Beat Vols!

Blue II

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blue! Sorry about the loss today. Me and the fam were pulling for ya! Love your blog! I brought in a present for my "mom" yesterday-a dead mouse-but she didn't appreciate it.

Princess Hershberger (a Boston Beagle) on behalf of Ron, Karen, Matthew & Tara