Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday and Basketball Lingerings

My birthday may have been last Thursday, but the benefits just keep on coming. Gifts and cards keep trickling in and all of the new toys, bones and treats around the office kept me quite busy today.

More thank you's go to Chris Carlson and her kitties, Champ, Ella, and Mirand Shook...I appreciate the cards and gifts!

Today started off well for a Monday. On my walk into the office I enjoyed the spring air and temperatures as well as the stinch of the fresh mulch recently spread around campus. We quickly made our way to Atherton Union to begin the day for a meet and greet with 15 international students. I think they were all from Taiwan, but now I cannot remember.

Today was their first official day on campus so I got to be one of the first to welcome them to the Butler Bulldog family. They took lots of pictures and gave me plenty of love.

After a lunch-time visit to the HRC while my dad worked out, we got to go to Robertson Hall for the Office of Admission's Junior Preview Day. I was there to greet high school juniors and their families, but I was more interested in the rice krispie treats and cookies that were being served.

After that, I spent the afternoon playing with my new toys, barking for no good reason and taking naps.

The fun all came to an end tonight though with the thunderstorms rolled into Indianapolis. I was sound asleep in the living room when the first flash of lighthing and rumble of thunder awakened me. I quickly located my parents and began to shake in fear, before finally retreating to my cage to hide from storms.

My parents try to comfort me and tell me that they won't let the storms hurt me, but if they are in such control, then why don't they just turn off the storms all together? I don't get it. Regardless, I'm not looking forward to making a trip back outside before bed to relieve myself.

Before I do brave the weather to take care of business, I wanted to let everyone know that in spite of the basketball season being over, a couple of our beloved Bulldogs will be in action one more time this weekend.

Seniors A.J. Graves and Mike Green be heading to San Antonio, Texas, to participate in special events surrounding the NCAA Final Four. Graves will be entered in the 3-Point Championship, while Green has been selected to play in the college All-Star Game.

For TV times and more information, click here:

Good luck, A.J. and Mike! We're all pulling for you guys.

Blue II

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