Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The World (wide web) Premier of Blue2TV

Well, I must have been a good boy because I did end up getting to go skateboarding on Sunday evening. As you can see by the video, I haven’t quite got the concept down just yet, but I still love it. Like I always say, skate or die, man!

My dad says I would love skateboarding even more if I would just focus and ride the board in a forward motion. He might be right, but I find it extremely gratifying to put the board in my mouth and run around.

For your viewing pleasure, there are a couple more videos of my skateboarding attempts on my YouTube site at www.youtube.com/butlerblue2.

Speaking of viewing pleasure, the webcam is all set up and ready to go, thus I present to you Blue2TV! That’s right, now you can view me live, online, Monday through Friday, during work hours.

Watch me as I sleep, change positions, sleep, move locations, sleep, play with students/staff, sleep, wander off, come back, and sleep some more. It’s riveting lifecasting, for sure.

You can view the live feed here: http://go.butler.edu/lifeatbutler/?pg=4731

I feel like Matthew McConaughey on “Edtv,” or Jim Carrey on “The Truman Show.”

Although, my dad disabled the microphone on the webcam so “Blue2TV” is a silent broadcast. Perhaps it’s more like MTV’s “The Real World” meets Charlie Chaplin.

If we would turn the sound on it might become a real life version of NBC's "The Office"...only without the lucrative contracts and advertising dollars.

They tell me that they are still working out some of the kinks…perfecting camera angles and set up, etc. Also, I think they may be adding another camera within the week so that I am just that much more likely to be on screen when you log on. Great, can a dog get a little privacy?!

Happy viewing!

Blue II

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