Friday, March 21, 2008


Last season, my dad and Uncle Kyle always had me play a game that they called, "Blue's Pickums." The idea is simple, on game day, Uncle Kyle writes "Butler" on one sheet of paper, and Butler's opponent on another. He then folds them up, places a treat on each one, and has me walk over and select one.

The team written on the paper I select will be the winner of that day's game.

Like I said, last season, we played this game all of the time, but for whatever reason, we have yet to play "pickums" this year. I guess Uncle Kyle felt like today was a good day to try (Butler plays South Alabama in the first round of the NCAA Tournament) it again so we set it up and I did my thing.

Check out the video to see the verdict:

I can't remember a time that I didn't pick Butler, and we've probably played this game a dozen times. It just never fails, and yes, every time I've played this game and selected Butler, they've won, so my record is on the line.

Blue II

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jessica lynn said...

good pick bluey!! i see that your uncle kyle had to get glasses. he's getting old huh?