Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Busy Week to the Next

A lot of people have said to me (as if I could talk back) that life would slow down for me now that basketball season is over. Ha! If only.

Basketball season may have ended, but I am just as busy as ever. Just check out some of my most recent posts and you can see that things have yet to slow, and they probably won't until graduation ceremonies in early May.

Speaking of some of my recent posts, I wanted to post some pictures related to those posts. Here are a couple of pictures of my distant relative, Pete, and I playing last weekend...

And here's a shot from the Rotary Club meeting that I attended...

Okay, I think that brings us up to where I left off... i.e. Thursday.

On Thursday, I changed up the toy rotation and went with the "bulldog" after chewing through the "rooster," as previously seen in the videos I posted. For your viewing pleasure, here is me giving the business to my stuffed bulldog.

That's pretty much what I did on Thursday before going to the year-end party for the Dawg Pound. My friend and Butler student, Hannah Muehlbauer, picked me up and took me over. I had a good time hanging out with the crew and begging for food.

On Friday I had yet another Early Registration appearance for the Office of Admission. This is a great way to end the week...mingling with future Butler Bulldogs, begging for a piece of their breakfast muffins, and taking pictures with families...all of this while my dad hangs out in the back eating muffings and sipping green tea. Must be nice!

I spent the rest of my Friday sleeping, running around the office, shredding toys and enjoying the nice weather outside.

This weekend I mainly rested and prepared for the up and coming week which again is loaded with an appearance or activity each day. I think I've got something at the library, a Relay for Life event, and SGA gig and a couple of other things. It should be fun, and of course, I'll update you along the way.

Finally, one of my HRC buddies and Butler student, Jessica Kline, is in the running to be an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader for the 2008-09 season. She initially auditioned with 400 girls and she's now made it down to the 90 finalists. The auditions will continue for the next two weeks where they will continue to make cuts down to 30-40 girls.

To keep moving on to make the squad, she needs your vote! You can vote for Jessica K. here:

Good luck Jessica!

Blue II

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