Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring has Sprung

My apologies on not posting a blog for a while, but with all of this nice weather, I've been trying to take as many potty breaks as possible and enjoy the great outdoors. Hopefully you haven't noticed the lack of posts because you've been doing the same...and by "the same," I mean enjoying the great outdoors and not experiencing more potty breaks.

Although, it's not just the the nice weather hampering my blog dad was in Japan all last week so that kind of limited my ability to blog. You don't really think I type these myself, do you?

Anyway, it's been yet another busy week around here. When my dad got home on Monday, I was so excited. He sets his bags down, greeted me, and off we went in the car with the windows down to run some errands. We went to the car wash, gas station, bank and dry cleaners. We rolled the windows up for the car wash part. I got a couple of treats at the bank as well, but overall, it was just great to be back in the saddle (read passenger seat) with my dad.

When my mom came home from work, we all went to Hoghead's BBQ in Broadripple. They allow dogs there so I got to chill on the deck with my water bowl while my parents ate on the picnic table above my head. After that we went for a short walk on the Monon Trail. It was the perfect end to a spring day.

On Tuesday it was back to work, which for consisted of playing outside on the campus mall. I also stumbled upon some cornhole tournament which was going on as well. It looked like a good time.

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day, so we got the office administrative professional, Shelby, some flowers and a Startbuck's gift card. Then she took me over to Clowes Hall to visit her daughter's fourth grad class from St. Thomas Aquinas. They were there to see some sort of production, but I'm guessing that I stole the show.

After that I attended an event on Norris Plaza for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I don't know what the event was all about, but it involved lots of students, faculty, various pharmaceutical companies, a lunch buffet and a country/western theme. So, I wore a bandana, posed for pictures and begged for food. I will try and post some pictures from the event at a later date.

I took a quick break after the COPHS event I grabbed a big gulp of water and headed off to my next appearance on the patio outside of Starbuck's and Atherton Union. There I helped the senior class fundraise for their class gift. Basically, I was the bait and my friend and senior class representative, Brian B. was the switch. They come pet me, and Brian would then hit 'em up for cash. That's a pretty good strategy if you ask me!

Today I got to work early, so I just slept and hung out around the office for most of the morning. Things picked up in the afternoon, however, so that was good. First I got to attend PAWS on the Mall, which is basically an excuse to hang out on the campus mall and enjoy the weather. I'm all for that sort of thing, so Kyle and I went out and blanket hopped...went from blanket to blanket visiting students. I had a blast out there today!

After that Registration and Records held an event for students to turn in some sort of paperwork that I think related to summer classes. Regardless, the event had a beach theme which was good for me because I got to destroy the inflatable beach balls and ring. See picture and video...

After that, I headed over to the Reilly Room in Atherton for Dr. Roger Boop's book about the history of the College of Education. I was so tired by that point, I mainly just laid down on the cool floor while the rest of the guest mingled and got their books signed.

It's been a great, but tiring week. I hope you've enjoyed the weather as much as I have. The weather man says it's going to cool off this weekend and next week so be sure to soak it up before the cold temps set in.

Have a great weekend!

Blue II

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