Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Red Rooster Romp

Yesterday I got things started by destroying one of the favorite toys that I received for my birthday...the Red Rooster. Perhaps its the warmer weather, pent-up agression, or the desire to onery, but whatever it is (maybe some of all three), I just felt the need to get my morning off on the right paw via a little toy destruction. Perhaps you saw some of it on Blue2TV:

My dad decided to get a little footage of the massacre. In the first video you'll see me began to tear off the rooster's appendages. You'll also notice how proud I am of my accomplishments.

In this next video, you'll see that my dad and Uncle Kyle enjoy mocking me and how I take that out on my kill, or rooster.

After pulvarizing the rooster into a soggy slobbery mess, it was time to head over to the College of Education for a freshman recruiting event. Of course, I always enjoy being invited to a social activity, so I was happy to mix and mingle with the guests. Unfortunately, I just missed out on a piece of Papa John's pizza and a cookie that fell of someone's plate and onto the floor.

Had I been able to get my mouth around that pizza, the event would have gone from good to great. Oh well, maybe next time I'll be so lucky.

We had to leave that event early to head downtown to the Scottish Rite Cathedral for a Rotary Club meeting that Bill Ervin invited me to. Rotary has established a scholarship at Butler for the Student Sociology Association/Butler University Chapter of the John Weidner Foundation for Altruism. So the scholarship recipient was presented at the meeting and I got to be the Butler ambassador on hand for support.

On the way back to campus, I got to enjoy the spring air blowing on my face as dad rolled down the windows for me. Once we got back to campus, I took a long nap to rest back up, then went to work again on my rooster. As you can see in the picture, I did pretty good for a day's work. In fact, I clearly felt satisfied enough to move on to my bone (in mouth).

Today things got going with a welcome party for a new staff member in the alumni office. That was cool because they had bagels from Panera and I got some.

Once I got settled in at the office , I got started again on a little rooster activity. I finally got all appendages off and went to work on the inards and stuffing. By the end of the day today, the rooster is basically just a wet, floppy shell of a stuffed animal. Job well done!

Later in the day I got to go outside for a bit and enjoy the weather and some fun with my best friend Kirby. We had a great time running around the campus mall and doing our usual rough-housing. Good times.

I concluded the day with another new staff member party in the Office of Conferences and Special Events and a trip to the HRC for my dad's workout.

All of that pretty much left me down for the count for the entire evening, both last night and tonight. It's hard being me!

Tomorrow should be another typical day in the office. I'll find another stuff animal to terrorize, try not to get too wet outside from the rain that's supposed to move through, and take a couple of naps. I also get to go to the Dawg Pound end-of-year celebration to help hand out the fan of the year award and other fun stuff.

I thought I would be a good candidate for Dawg Pound Fan of the Year. After all, I did get on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing my Dawg Pound shirt! That's national Dawg Pound exposure! Unfortunatley, I don't think I qualify given my canine status. Oh well, I'll let you know how it goes.

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