Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Week of Activity

I've had quite a bit on the schedule this week so I apologize for not posting sooner.

If I remember correctly, Monday was just a typical day in the office so there's not much to report there, but Tuesday is when things really started to pick up for me.

On Tuesday mid-morning it was time for the annual Relay For Life Jailbreak on the lawn just outside of Starbucks. The goal of the event is for people/passer byers to pay to release me and other campus celebrities from "jail." All of the money raised goes to the American Cancer Society and you participants can set their own personal goal as to how much money they would like to set as their "bail."

Of the six participats I was third behind the stiff competition of Dr. Levester Johnson, VP of Student Affairs, and men's basketball coach, Brad Stevens. Coach Stevens brought in the most at $584.17, in second was Dr. J. with $215.31, while I had $87.33. My inability to speak really put me at a disadvantage in this competition.

Overall $961.22 was raised in an hour and a half so it was a successful event. Here are some pictures...

In the afternoon I made my way over to Irwin Library for their second annual READ Poster Unveiling. You may remember that I was a part of the inaugural READ Poster unveiling last year. I have posted the poster below for visual reference...

I did not have a new poster in this year's set though. I was just on-hand as READ Poster alumni and for public relations.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to do my first appearance on Wednesday from the office using Blue2TV. Brad Ward in the Office of Admission, the guy who had the idea behind Blue2TV and set it all up, was giving a presentation for IACAC and wanted to show off the web camera.

Of course, I'm not always reliable when it comes to staying in view of the camera so my colleagues in the office put some peanut butter on one of my bones and laid it right in front of the camera so that I would stay in frame. I just laid there licking at it the whole time so their plan worked.

Today, things got started with another Early Registration appearance for the Office of Admission.

Then I got to go to a annual Student Government Association (SGA) reception for their "Apple for You" program which recognizes those with a strong dedication to students and the entire Butler Community.

I was honored to be recognized like that, but at the same time, the reception kind of bummed me out since it was catered with people food.

Later in the day a couple students brought in their roommate's new Golden Retriever puppy named Payton (9 weeks). She was pretty cute!

Payton and I got to play together and I had a lot of fun. When she left I wasn't ready to settle down so I ran around the office terrrorizing my colleagues until I finally passed out. Good times.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Tomorrow I believe is just another day at the office and then it's on to the weekend where I will try and rest up for another exciting schedule of events next week!

Blue II

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