Monday, January 14, 2008

Enough Room in this Town for Two Blue's?

I hate to bring up the Indianapolis Colts given that they probably don't need any more grief after their playoff loss to San Diego, but since they are all over the news right now, it's relevant, I suppose.

Now make no mistake, when I'm not fulfilling my Butler duties, I support Indy's other sports and teams, sans other universities and colleges, and I've been known to support the Colts. I enjoy watching their games at home with my parents. I have a Colts leash and collar that I wore to a Butler game prior to their AFC championship game last year. And, Tony Dungy and Bill Polian even paid a visit to Hinkle Fieldhouse last year. So they're cool in my book.

My only beef with the Colts are those play-off losses and that darned mascot, BLUE! (pictured right) Really, I've got no problem with BLUE, he's got nothing on me. In fact, (kids, if you're reading this, cover your eyes) it's just some guy in a blue Puff the Magic Dragon-looking suit. I'm the real deal...born with my suit. That's real fur, baby!

But it's that whole name thing that gets me. Afterall, the Colts' BLUE didn't come around until 2006! My predessor, Butler Blue I first came on the scene in 2000 and I arrived in 2004. It's a fake horse and their logo is a horeshoe, name him "Lucky" or something.

Colt's BLUE Info:

Oh well, it's not BLUE's fault. He probably didn't name himself, and I know I didn't name myself either. When Blue I was donated to the university by Frank and Jeane King of Kong King Kennel, Lizton, Ind., the university held a naming contest to come up with a name for the school's first "official" bulldog mascot.

The names most often submitted were "Blue," "Hinkle," "B.U." prn. "Boo," "Hampton," and "Victory." Over 350 submissions were made and "Butler Blue" was the top choice and announced at the Feb. 3, 2001 men's home basketball game.

Officially, Kristi Crofts Lowell, class of 1994 was credited with the winning name submission.

Thus, I'm Butler Blue II and someday, I'm sure we'll have Butler Blue III and so on. As Paul Harvey would say, "and now you know the rest of the story."

So, do I wish the Colts' front office would have been a little more original? Sure, but I can live with it. In fact, I think there's plenty of room in this town for two "Blues." Actually, we're elite company, that Colts' BLUE and I.

So BLUE, sorry about that loss yesterday. Enjoy your off-season on the farm with a warm stable and plenty of hay... and be ready for a prosperous 2008 in your new stadium and help bring another world championship back to OUR beloved city!

I'm Blue II.....................(wait for it)..............................(wait for it)......................................GOOD DAY!

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Section 20, Row AA, Seat 4 said...

Dear Blue,

Why doesn't A.J. Graves like you?