Sunday, January 27, 2008

Say Cheese!

Another game, another photo opportunity. Your online edition of the Indianapolis Star ( again features my mug. Only this time, it's post oversized bone pickup, unlike pre bone pickup shot from last game.

Once again, Heather Charles took the picture which can be viewed along with her other game action shots here:

Ironically, the photo also accompanies David Woods' post-game story which focuses primarilly on senior guard, A.J. Graves. You can read that here:

Why is that ironic? Just see my post from earlier in the month regarding the relationship between Graves and I. No big deal, just kind of humorous. Congrats to A.J. for a game well played yesterday.

Speaking of the game, the Dawgs punished the Flames of Illinois-Chicago 73-57. Thanks to that and a loss by Cleveland State, Butler is back leading the standings in the Horizon League.

Go Dawgs!

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