Friday, January 18, 2008

Working Like a Dog

I get asked a lot about what I do all day, how much I come to campus, etc.

Well, like a lot of you, I’m a working stiff too. That’s right, I show up to work 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., nearly every day. Granted, I take a lot of naps and walks during that time, but I’m still in the office, so that counts for something, right?

First I’ll tell you the story and the setup, then I’ll take you through a typical daily routine in my next post.

So my dad, he’s the Director of Annual Giving at Butler. That’s a section of Development which falls under the University Advancement umbrella. In a nut shell, he hits alumni and other university constituents up for money. So break yo’ self and send him a gift already!

Our office is in the basement (those glass half full types call it the “Garden Level”) of historic Jordan Hall where other Development and Advancement offices are located as well.

I pretty much have the run of the place down there, but I call my dad’s office home base. Below is a picture of me and my closest office colleagues from the Office of Annual Giving.


Kyle Smith - Assistant Director of Annual Giving (left)
Michael Kaltenmark - Director of Annual Giving (right)
Shelby Roscoe - Sr. Secretary - Annual Giving (back left)
Leslie Renner - Assistant Director of Annual Giving (back right)

Anyway, my predecessor, Butler Blue I, (also a member of the Advancement team, but resided in the Office of Alumni & Parent Programs in Robertson Hall) used to only come in on Friday’s. I think they were affectionately called “Bulldog Fridays.”

Well, I was headed down that same path, only coming in on Fridays, but luckily everybody became too attached and too used to the idea of having me around.

My first day on campus was May 20, 2004, also the day (that's me, first day on the job, down below) my dad picked my up from the breeder (Kong King Kennel of Lizton, Ind.). I weighed 7-10 lbs. and was only about 7 weeks old. If you read up on English Bulldogs, you’ll find that we aren’t the most sociable breed. In fact, we can be quite skittish and scared of the most mundane, inanimate objects.

So to ensure that I would be tolerant of all things and all people, my pops thought it would be a good idea to bring me in to the office early and often. As a puppy I was introduced to many different situations in an effort to over stimulate me and to get me as socialized as possible.

All of that pretty much meant that I came into work everyday and I guess I never really stopped. I think I got too used to coming in and everybody else just got too attached. Makes for a pretty cool work environment, that’s for sure!

It blew my mind when my dad told me that most dogs have to stay at home all day, many of them in cages. Can you believe that?! And I thought I was bored. (That's me as a puppy in my cage...for effect.)

If you are out and about on campus, come on down and say hello. Don't be surprised if I'm sleeping or out doing something else, but chances are, I'll be around. Hope to see you sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

Babers...I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Babers...I miss you!