Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the Spolight

An anonymous reader asked, "Blue, I think you are adorable!! I'm sure with a job like yours you get invited to do all kinds of things... What have been some of your most exciting moments in the spotlight??"

Great question! The first few years on the job haven't been dull, I can assure you, but most of my time in the "spotlight" has been of the local variety. Although, I'm looking to make my big break this March in San Antionio, Texas for the Men's NCAA Final Four. Coach Stevens, members of the basketball team, if you're reading this, see what you can do to help me out. Okay?

Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field (pictured), greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court (pictured), or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer tecniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show.

Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. (picture below by Claire Corbin Photography)

I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancment, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. I've been used in class presentations, atttended press conferences, and black tie galas (pictured). At the press conference to announce the hiring of Butler Athletic Director, Barry Collier, I let out a loud bark during the middle of that event. I'm not sure what came over me, I just felt like letting the media and attendees know that I approved of the hire.

Oh yeah, and there's Butler's Homecoming activities too, where last year I hosted the "Family Fun Fest," and the annual "Bulldog Beauty Contest presented by the Ovid Butler Society," as well as had my own Corvette in the parade.

I've also been known to be a bit of a media hound too. From TV, to radio, to newspapers, to magazines, to the internet, I'm blowing up! It's not uncommon to see my mug on the local Indy major network affliates when they cover Butler basketball highlights after a game.

I can remember one time Dave Calabro of WTHR NBC Channel 13 (and Butler grad) was doing a live shot from Hinkle Fieldhouse before a home game. He wanted to get me on camera, so going to a break, he rolled a basketball (one of my favorite things) on the floor for me to attack. I didn't disappoint. It was so funny that he featured it on his "Check It Out" spot in the 11 p.m. broadcast. Guess you had to be there.

This past month I did get some national TV exposure as well as I made a couple of appearances on ESPN's SportsCenter.

This season and last you can hear me on the radio broadcasts of the men's home basketball games. Those can be heard at WXNT AM 1430. That's me barking for the Ovid Butler Society and Bulldog Club commercials.

I've also made two or three appearances in Indianapolis Montly, with my most recent coming in the Feb. 2008 issue, page 100. No issues of Dog Fancy yet or Time's Dog of the Year yet, though.

I've been in the newspaper quite a few times including this past Sunday's edition of the Indianapolis Star. I also make appearances in Butler's student produced paper, The Butler Collegian.

Okay, that's all I can think of right now, but now that I think about it, I need to renegotiate my contract! That's a lot of stuff I've done in just under four years. My stock is hot, baby! Get Ari Gold (pictured) on the line, I need some representation!

I'm sure there's more that I've done, times I've been the center of attention, instances where I stole the show, etc., I just can't think of them. If your reading this and something comes to mind that I didn't cover, then use the "comments" section to share.


Bradjward said...

You can't forget about YouTube, Blue!

Carrie said...

What about the calendar Blue? I've gotta tell you, it was a big hit at my office, and everyone's been disappointed that you haven't put out a new one in've certainly got enough great pictures!