Wednesday, February 13, 2008

all SHOW, no DOG

In the wake of the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (aired on the USA Network) which wrapped up last evening in Madison Square Garden, I received a couple of comments as to why I haven't registered my AKC number for competition.

Personally, I didn’t watch much of the dog show given that the Bulldogs played last night up at Milwaukee as well, but I did catch some of it. But anyway, to speak to those comments, I originally had hopes to compete in the show ring and even pass along my genes to younger kin, but it wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

In a nutshell, it is my understanding that the criteria in which these dogs are judged includes their natural/pure representation of the breed as well as their ability to "mate" with fellow purebreds, thus transferring those great traits to offspring.

I think I do a fair job of representing the breed, acting somewhat obedient, etc. It’s a technicality with the sexual reproduction part that’s got me ineligible to compete.

In addition to serving as Butler’s mascot, there was a desire to make a show dog out of me as well as allow me to sire a litter or two. However, a few months after I was born, it was found that I had a condition known as cryptorchid…look it up and draw your own conclusion. As a result, my hopes of going pro were dashed by a couple of snips. (wimper)

Hindsight is 20/20, but it wound’t have worked out anyway given the eye surgeries to fix a couple conditions known as entropion and distichia. (A special thanks to Dr. Deborah Stephan of Indiana Veterinarian Specialists for taking care of that for me!) Once you get a little plastic surgery done, you’re out of the competition as well.

That’s okay, we all know what I was born to do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. They can aspire to win some ribbons and I’ll see if I can’t get my paws on some NCAA hardware!

Besides, did you know that a show dog trying to make it to the top travels the country doing up to 150 shows per year! That's hardly a dogs life!

But back to the dog show…had I competed, would have been in the Non-Sporting group coming out of the Bulldog breed. This year’s bulldog bred winner was Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock.

Good looking bully. I’m no stranger to the Cherokee Legends. In fact, my great grand-father via my mother’s mother, was a Cherokee Legend. Cherokee Legend Mouser Bill to be exact.

You can learn more about the Cherokee Legends here:

I am a product of Frank and Jeane King’s Kong King Kennel in Lizton, Ind., and in my family tree I have eight champions.

Now you know where I got my stunning looks!

At any rate, in this year’s WKC Dog Show, the winner out of the Non-Sporting was some poodle. Look at that thing! It looks more like a manicured shrub than a dog. The Bulldog was second within the group.

Best in Show was the Beagle named “Uno” who turned out to be a real crowd pleaser. Uno made history last night, becoming the first of his breed to win the event. Big deal, you might be Best in Show, but as Elvis once sang, “you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.”

Oh well, for all of us wannabes and has-beens, there’s always the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest at Homecoming. See you there!

Blue II

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Bella said...

You know Beagles are the best!!! My dad even says so.


Anonymous said...

Poodle over bulldog? I demand a recount!