Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Uncle Ovid Wants You...

…to vote for me!

While you’re online voting for Mike Green for the Bob Cousy Award, direct that index finger to make another couple of clicks to vote for yours truly.

That’s right, after watching Meaty of MTV's Rob & Big fame land his mug on Dick Van Patten’s brand of dog food on season three, episode four (“Meaty Goes to Hollywood”), I figured, why can’t I break into the product endorsement scene?

Enter Bissell’s MVP competition. You know?! The vacuum company. Anyway, they are having this contest where people can enter their pets to be featured on the box of their new Pet Hair Eraser vacuum package. I just went ahead and logged on and entered myself.

The contest winners are selected through online voting, so Uncle Ovid (Ovid Butler (pictured) wants you to get out and vote for me! Click here to view my submission and to vote.

You know I am looking good and should be on that vacuum box! You see my face on a vacuum box and you know right away the thing is good. People be in the store looking at vacuums and then see my face and be like…

Dude: Hey honey, let’s get this one!
Lady: Why, you know something about Bissell?
Dude: No, but it’s got this cool bulldog on it…it has to suck!

(and by suck, I mean in a good way, because that’s what vacuums do…they suck, literally)

Lady: Okay, if you think that’s the best one then get it.

Sold. Everybody wins. What’s not to like about that?

You could put my face on brochure selling ocean front property in Arizona and it would sell. That’s not cocky, it’s just cute.

Okay, there was maybe just a little bit of trash talk in all of that, but still. If my ability to use this face to score treats is any indication, then get me on the gravy train of endorsements…be bringing in checks so big it would make Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning and Michael Jordan look like chump change.

Hey, a dog can dream can’t he?

Regardless, get out there on the world wide web and vote for me and Mike Green; a couple of Bulldogs who need your support!

Enough about that, you get the idea. I've got a couple "day in the life" updates for everybody as yesterday was a busy day.

I had two appearances to make yesterday. One was for the annual Grad Finale where seniors go and to the Reilly Room on campus to get their cap and gown, graduation tickets, make a gift to the senior class fund, etc. That was cool. It's always bittersweet to go to the event b/c I know that I'm not going to get to see that group of students very much anymore, but I'm happy to know that they will soon enter society and represent Butler well.

At the same time, I had to stop in over at an event put on by some business students who created their own business plan, secured the funding, and started the business; all for a class project! They had the unveiling of their product yesterday which essentially, in a nutshell, is a photo booth. The business is called Strike a Pose and their website is located at Check it out.

After all of that, it was off to home where we cheered the Bulldogs on to victory over the Valpo Crusaiders 71-68 in a thriller of a game! Although, I had to sit out part of the game in my cage when the storms rolled through town. I'm not a huge fan of thunder and lighting.

In all, it was a successful day. Living the dream, baby!

Now go vote already!

Blue II

P.S. Be sure to watch all five clips from that episode of Rob & Big which can be viewed online here: If you don’t laugh, see a doctor immediately.

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jessica lynn said...

i voted for you blue! good luck!