Saturday, February 16, 2008

Game Day Illustrated

The Butler Bulldogs took down Horizon League conference foe, Cleveland State, on Saturday afternoon by the score of 51-46. It appeared that a lot of you took my advice and came to Hinkle Fieldhouse for the game. There was a crowd of more than 8,000, which included those participating in Alumni Day, so thanks for coming out.

I thought I might provide a quick recap of the game via pictures and captions. Here it goes...

Pre-game nap with my squeaky cow

Packed house for Alumni Day

Coach Stevens speaks at Alumni Day

I ran into my buddy, Julian Phillips, son of my vet, Dr. Phillips, at Alumni Day too.

After my appearances in the West Gym for Alumni Day and Bulldog Club/OBS Donor Hospitality, I went ahead and made my way over to see the cheerleaders to give them a little pre-game pep talk.

After that, it was game time where I do my usual starting lineup routine, and stop by the Dawg Pound for the big bone. But you've all seen that before, so here's a shot during a break in the game...nothing better than a big crowd at Hinkle Fieldhouse on a Saturday afternoon with the sun shining through the rafters.

Best seat in the house!

A little post-game fun on the court with the kids

After all of that, it's back home to rest...and another day at the office is in the books for this dog.

Okay, so there's a lot of other stuff that goes on that wasn't captured, but these were the pics that my dad had time to snap, so they'll have to do. I hope you enjoyed it.

Blue II

P.S. Keep an eye on those NCAA men's basketball rankings on Monday. In the AP Poll, Butler is ranked 9th. On Saturday, No. 7 Stanford, No. 8 Georgetown and No. 10 Michigan State all went down in defeat. We could see a new highest ranking for the Butler men's basketball program...stay tuned!

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