Monday, February 4, 2008

Mail Bag: Girlfriends/Team Pics, Dogs Resembling Owners, & Calendars

I received some great questions via the comment feature over the weekend so I thought I would address those first thing this week.

Before I begin, how about that Super Bowl last night?! Wow! I was going crazy...barking, shaking my toys, and carrying on. Bulldogs root for underdogs and the underdogs got it done in a big way! That just got me all excited for March Madness!

Okay, on to the mail bag...

DogMommy writes, "Hey My Boyfriend Blue,What's this about you saying you really don't have a girlfreind and are looking???? I thought it was well established that you are MY boyfriend! I just want to know why the photographer forgot to take your picture with all the sports teams this year and what we can do about it? I think making multiple copies of you in "your pose" and pasting them to the front of the large sports photos in Hinkle will solve the problem.Only your true girlfriend would think of that!!!"

In the words of Billy Madison, "Lady, your scaring us!" Just kidding. Sort of.

Sorry if I gave you any impressions of being your boyfriend. Right now, I'm going to the prom stag, if you know what I mean.

With regard to your question about the team photographs flanking the hallowed halls of Hinkle Fieldhouse...I don't know what's up with that. Last year I think I was in as many of those pictures as I've ever been and if I do say so myself, I thought I looked pretty darn good.

I like your idea of just slapping me up there should the team have the picture taken without me. Maybe we should do that sometime as a little prank!

Actually, the decision to include me in the team picture is really just up to the coach of each sport. No hard feelings really. I'm happy, willing and available should they want me, but it's their call. I am in this year's very humid looking women's swimming picture. That was a fun shoot! My dad took his wallet and cell phone out of his pockets for that one in case I decided to go for a dip. I thought about it for a split second, but then remembered that I can't swim.

Thanks for the support and letting me have a little fun at your expense.

And now to our next question...

An anonymous reader wrote, "Dear Blue: Do you think that old adage that people resemble their pet dogs is really true? Have you ever thought that you and your dad might be a “classic example” of this theory? Are you comparable to your father it terms of body build or hairiness? How about personality? Is your dad as friendly as you are?"

This rebel rouser got our tail feathers ruffled on this one! Well played.

Let's be honest, it happens a lot...dogs and their owners have been known to resemble each other. Even recently held a contest to find the best dog/owner look-a-like.

Suggesting that my dad and I are a "classic example" of this might pouring it on a little thick, but, after we got to thinking about it, while our facial features might not resemble each other, there are a lot of similarities between us, especially given that my old man is a true bulldog at heart. I mean, just look at that picture!

If you take into account our similarities, you might think we were seperated at birth. After all, we are both handsome, cute, affable and have a great smile. We've both never met a stranger and love to make people happy.

Pysically we are a couple of broad shouldered guys with a significant chest to hind legs ratio.

However, we differ in more ways than I am able to count. For instance, my dad is a self-starter, whereas, I am a motivated sleeper. Plus, I've got some serious dental issues, pronounced wrinkles, and when my hair falls out, it grows back.

My dad and I think we make a great team. Whether we look alike or not is up for debate.

And finally...

Carrie asks, "What about the calendar Blue? I've gotta tell you, it was a big hit at my office, and everyone's been disappointed that you haven't put out a new one in've certainly got enough great pictures!"

Carrie thank you for the compliment. The calendar was from 2005 and a fun project. It was a big hit and received quite a bit of positive feedback. However, we've yet to do one since...they take a lot of work! Perhaps we can talk the powers that be into creating a calendar for 2009. Maybe it will exclusively feature me again or maybe it could be a "Butler" themed calendar and I could just have a picture per quarter. We'll see. I'll get to working on that.

Perhaps my own online multimedia section would be good too...screen savers, wall papers, hero cards and other downloads would be cool. Get my agent on the line!

Thanks again to those who wrote in to share their thoughts, ask questions, etc. A big thanks as well goes out to those stoping by the site to read the blog. Have a great Monday!

Blue II


Anonymous said...

So BlUE, you have a mom and dad but do you have any other family members that spoil you?

jessica lynn said...

You are hilarious! Love you and love your blog. I miss seeing you every Monday and Wednesdays...those were fun times. Miss you Blue...keep up the good work!